Beauty Wishlist #1


Ahh it’s came to that horrid time of the month where payday is in the near distance but just not near enough so I’m sitting scrolling through some things that I’m lusting over. I’m in a pickle of things I want to buy myself on payday and things I want to add to my birthday wish list. My birthday is next month and I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas for my mum and dad.

Charlotte Tilbury dominates todays wish-list. Starting with a Beach Stick which caught my eye a few months ago but I was put off by the price but after reading a blog post by the lovely Jill from Makeupandstuff it has reignited the flame and I now really really want one, I think i’ll go for Moon Beach a nice simple and easy colour but I am still debating. Sticking to Charlotte Tilbury I have also been wanting to try out the matte lipsticks because ya know I don’t have enough matte lipsticks (yeah right) so I have put a nice nudey warm colour the shade above being Very Victoria.

I have watched so many beauty tutorials on Youtube lately where they have used the Nars Sheer Glow foundation, and I have been really impressed with how it looks so It is now on my hit list.

I said in my recent Stepping into Autumn post that I have never been a big brush girl, I have a few that I find useful but lately I have been so tempted to try the Zoeva’s  beautiful rose gold set. This is probably one of the biggest wishes on this list because it’s not like me to spend so much on  make-up brushes but I am lusting after them!

Finally a little something from YSL blush radiance in this beautiful purple lilac shade! I just think that this colour would look beautiful! I don’t have anything like it!

So there we are! my current lux beauty wishlist!

Hope you enjoyed!


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