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Lush | Valentines Collection 2017

One of my favourite times of the Lush Calendar is the Valentines Collection! Always filled with amazingly cute bits and I ended up buying most of the collection but I’m really not that sorry about it.



Returning from last year is the Ladybird bubble bar(£3.95) which has a kinda minty strawberry scent (although there’s no sign of strawberry in the ingredients – but that’s what my nose is smelling).
A new bubble bar to be introduced is the Lovestruck(£4.25) which is everyone’s favourite emoji, the love heart eyes emoji!

Something I’ve not tried before is a Business Wash Card, a very thin and delicate card shape product. Kiss Me Quick(£2.00) is basically a shower gel, the girl in lush told me that a little bit goes a long way and you don’t need to use the whole card in one go! She also informed me that the scent really lingers so I’m really excited about trying this one.

Two Hearts Beating as One (£3.95) is a bath melt which has two interlinking love hearts! Bath melts are probably my second favourite thing to buy from Lush, they’re so moisturising and leaves my skin sooo soft!

Cupid(£2.95)is a pretty bath-bomb with Persian lime oil, rose petal powder and Violet Leaf Absolute, it smells amazing!



Of course, there are lots of gift boxes too and I picked one up to show you.
Happy Valentine’s Day(£19.95) has 3 bath-bombs & one bubble bar!

Lovers Lamp(£4.25) I’m really excited about it has cocoa butter so you know it’s going be super nice for your skin, I love the little heart design – simple but pretty!

I’m not the biggest fan of the scent of the Rose Bombshell(£4.25) but my lordy does it look pretty and we all know it’s going to make such a beautiful looking bath! So I’ll see past or should I say smell past the scent!

Sex Bomb(£3.50) an oldie but goodie, with a lot of relaxing infused ingredients it includes; Jasmine Absolute, Clary Sage Oil and Ylang Ylang oil!

And finally, a fan favourite the Unicorn Horn(£4.25) is back – giving us all that opportunity to be a unicorn for, well 5 seconds! The lavender scented bubble bar is a bathtime must!



So there we have it, everything I picked up from the VDay collection!
Now I can go have soooo many dreamy baths!

What are your faves?


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