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Lush Haul and Livingston Event

Hey guys,
I have a very photo heavy post coming to you today all about Lush! Autumn and winter is my favourite time of year to have all the baths with the bath bombs and bubble bars nothing cheers me up more after a long, often hard and often cold day with a warm bath full of magical colours and wonderful scents! At the end of October I attended my local Lush in Livingston to see the autumn/winter range… including the now come and gone Halloween collection (sorrry i’m really late with this post but hopefully you might still be able to grab a few bits). Lets talk about the lovely lush event first of all. An evening of Lush Demos is obviously going to be the most amazing way to spend an evening throw in party hats and Christmas music and well you have made my perfect evening. The team at Lush Livingston were so welcoming and showed off the new collection which is as always super dreamy… I had the first chance to see Jelly bath-bombs being used and oh my lord if you haven’t used them yet the best way for me to describe it is like a blanket in the bath! Super moisturising and soft I’m kinda obsessed with this concept. Lush Christmas Collection 2017Lush Snow Fairy Bathbomb

My favourite part of the evening was getting to help make the Bûche de Noêl from the Christmas Collection, it was literally like prepping a Christmas cake and we were lucky enough to be gifted a tub of the amazing cleanser to take home with us too! Not even lying ticking something off my “bucket list” I also made my very own Sex Bomb* Bath Bomb… I’m still super giddy about this… even if I may not be a complete pro at getting it in the mould and placing the wee flower in the right position… that bath-bomb is my pride and joy and I’m not gonna lie I really don’t want to use it.

Lush Sex Bomb Lush Haul

Lush Haul
Not only did the gang spoil us with a fab evening but they also showered us with an amazing goodie bag to take home, they were oh so generous. The Bûche de Noêl* is a fresh cleanser that as I said above is like a big old Christmas cake with cranberries and brandy (there is a non-alcoholic version ) and all! The Ground Almonds helps to exfoliate and of course the organic cocoa butter ensures that your skin is feeling super soft. All you need to do is take a pinch of product and mix it with water in your hand to create a paste which transitions really easily and quickly. It leaves my skin fully cleansed and fresh and lovely and soft! This is part of the Christmas collection so i’m going to have to stock up.
Something that I think is often overlooked in lush is their wash cards, they’re basically a very slim shower gel that you wet and rub between your hands, don’t be fooled you get a really nice lather and the scent really lingers! They’re so small so perfect for travelling or if you don’t like a clutter of bottles in your bathroom. The Cute Butter Bear* is a legendary character in lush and his very gentle ingredients and soft scent is really lovely.
One thing that I discovered in the goodie bag was the Santa Baby* solid Lip Scrub and let me tell you, it’s a complete game changer for me, it’s such a quick and mess free way to give your lips a good polish – it also tastes really nice too but not overpowering.

Lush are well known for being super eco-friendly and they’re taking it a step further with their Naked products which are body and shower products that have no packaging! All you have to do is rub it all over your body and wash off, no annoying squeezing tubes – anyone else find it really hard to squeeze liquid out of tubes, just me? There is various scents including the ever so popular Snow Fairy*, this moisturiser is super thick so it leaves your skin feeling amazing not mention smelling incredible!

Snow Fairy Naked Shower Moisturiser Lush Bath Bombs

 The Milky Bath Bubble bar is one of my favourites, it has such light scent that clings to your skin and creates a bath full of bubble delight – As the name suggests it has a lot of creamy ingredients including cocoa butter and soya milk powder so your skin is going to feel silky soft.
Another old favourite and one that is no stranger to my Lush Hauls is Intergalactic,
it creates a beautiful blue water resembling a night sky and the glitter that is embedding in it creates glistening stars which also leaves a temporary print on your skin… not complaining though.. who doesn’t want their skin to be glittery? It’s also has a fresh minty smell to it and to add some extra fun popping candy is also included in this bad boy!
The Big Sleep is the first Jelly Bomb that I’ve tried and it’s the perfect evening bath companion as it has both lavender oil and camomile powder which helps boost relaxation. The Jelly bombs are even more moisturising than the regular bath-bombs so you can head to bed feeling carefree and your skin softer than soft.
As part of the Halloween collection is Monsters’ Ball – it reminded me of mike from Monsters INC so I knew I needed it immediately. This has Lime and Neroli Oil plus Himalayan Rock Salt which sounds pretty coool.

Another night time relaxer is the cult classic Twilight (You could say it’s the Pretty In Pink of the Bathbomb world just replace Molly Ringwald for Lavender Oil – terrible analogy but what can I say I love Molly Ringwald) – This bath-bomb is well known to be used for those who are looking to have perfect night sleep as it has a few ingredients that can help including lavender (it’s magic that stuff is).
The Final bath-bomb of the haul is Lord of Misrule another one from the Halloween Collection and is the sister product of the ever so popular Lord of Misrule shower gel (which is available through till Christmas time), included is Patchouli Oil and Black Pepper Oil and to make it even more exciting it has popping candy in it too! This one smells incredible.

Lush Bath Bombs
The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb - Lush Lush Makeup

Lush Makeup

Something I haven’t tried from Lush before is their makeup so I was thrilled that the lovely ladies included a couple of bits in our gift bag. The Liquid Lipstick in Perspective* is the perfect everyday colour for me, a mauve shade that applies to the lips so well without drying them out or making them look chapped. I couldn’t find a link for the liquid version but I found the stick .

Success* is a beautiful eyeliner and lordy I am obsessed with the formula, the colour is so opaque and creamy making the application really easy… What surprised me was how much I love the brush, I didn’t think I was going to get on with it but I couldn’t have been more wrong, it is soo easy to use and I was able to create a flick with one swipe. It’s honestly been the easiest I’ve ever done my eyeliner flicks! The silver colour is really pretty and will be making many appearances during the festive period (Expect a post soon). I’m gonna need to get this in black immediately.

The last thing in this mega haul is the solid perfume in Smugglers Soul*, it is such a woody scent that is musky but with sweet hint in there too. I love wearing this after a shower as it really accentuates that fresh smell that isn’t artificial. The solid perfume concept I love as it’s really non-offensive to those who don’t like the overpowering of a spray.

Makeup from LushSolid Perfume Lush

Christmas Collection 2017 Lush

I’d just like to thank the lovely team at Lush Livingston for putting on a really fun event and of course for all the wonderful goodies!
If you’re ever visiting Livingston Centre  I’d highly suggest you pop into Lush they’re such a welcoming bunch.

I’d love to know what you’re loving from Lush at the moment!

Products marked with a (*) were kindly gifted to me. 


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