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Well I feel like i haven’t done a Nail Varnish Post in forever, I love painting my nails but as of late I’ve had no patience for it, but finally have them the way I like them at the moment.

Today’s post features BarryM (as almost always), I had been trying to get my hands on Red Black for about month and once I did track it down I wasn’t in the mood for wearing it but now i’m obsessed again.
I’ve mentioned before about how I’m not much of a red nailed fan (having worn it so much growing up) but I like how dark this shade is, I don’t like wearing Black nail varnish either (again because I wore it so much during my teen years) so this is great in between. Quite a wine-y maroon-y colour.
I have 2 coats on, the first coat being a much more true red, if I wasn’t so lazy and in a rush to go see Papa Roach (yeah my inner teen screaming in delight) I would have done a 3rd coat to make it even deeper.

It’s perhaps not the ideal colour going into spring but hey lifes to short to match your nails to the season allll the time.

Hope you guys are all well!
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