Louise’s Diary #2; Payday and lots of pancakes!

Monday 27th April- Sunday 3rd May  

One of the things the kids at work tell me is that I’m a terrible toast maker and I have been stinking of burnt toast all morning so I’m beginning to think they might be right. I definitly need a transparent toaster to be invented I think. I had a productive morning in the library after my first shift of the week I have planned 2 blog posts and ticked everything off my to do list. Sunshine has disappeared, I mean last week people were having bbqs and getting sunburnt and this week we’re looking out our gloves again as it’s freezing and theres hailstones and snow… and it’s almost May. Only in Scotland.
Today at work the three 6 year olds planned my wedding (that is not currently happening) and told me they’d use their money to pay for it, that’s loyalty right there. And also maybe a sly dig that they think I should be married by now.

I came home to my Taylor Swift at Hyde Park tickets! 2 month countdown and I can’t wait!

You know I dislike Tuesday’s more than Mondays and heres why… Monday’s are the beginning of the week the thought of the weekend is way too far away to even think about so I get on with a Monday but by the time I wake up on Tuesday morning I feel like it’s been about a week since the weekend but it’s still only Tuesday, it’s still too early to get excited about the weekend. It’s just blahday. Wednesday’s that’s when things begin to lighten up.



Today is payday which means a nice little shopping trip, I went into Edinburgh with my friend and I spent a lot of money in Primark but I had a little clear out of clothes the other week so I feel it’s okay. I picked up so much good stuff.
My boyfriend and I went to our new favourite restaurant; eds easy diner, I love the American feel to it and the old tunes and the little duke boxes on the tables, plus burger and chips is my faves.
I also this time had some pancakes which were delish! The Hershey’s chocolate sauce was amazing!


This morning my friend Natalie, her boyfriend and I went for some Pancakes at weatherspoons type bar (I was in a pancake mood for couple of days) unfortunatly I think they made us ill and Natalie and I had another shift to work. Despite it we had a giggle and managed to survive work.

The Weekend!


What I was not expecting was to wake up at 7:30am on Saturday morning but at least it wasn’t with an alarm but my body clock so I woke up all nice and fresh.
Saturday afternoon was pretty quiet and in the evening was spent at my Brothers celebrating my sister-in-laws birthday and looking after my niece and nephew. We had some delicious Red Velvet Cake. I love spending time with my niece and nephew, always so much fun!
It’s been a pretty boring Sunday  apart from a little shopping trip where I bought Mindy Kaling’s book “is everyone hanging out without me” which I’m really looking forward to reading.  And I finally replaced my black back pack which was one thread away from only having one strap!
lIt’s a long weekend which means I’m free from the Sundays blues too. I did buy an Epilator and tried it for the first time tonight, not gonna lie it does hurt but it’s not unberable! I don’t know I might write a post about it.


so there is my week for you all! I’m still not sure of how i’m going to lay this post out but writing about my day each day makes it easier for me to remember little things that happened.

Hope you had a great week!


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