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Lottie London Makeup| First Impressions


Lottie London stands began popping up in Superdrug over the last year selling cute brushes and nail varnishes, they have now extended their range to include makeup!  I was excited to give it a whirl, they have a full range of products to do a full face of makeup. I only picked up three of the products they had on offer to try out.

The Blush Crush in Zac (£4.95) is a gorgeous muted pinky nude and is highly pigmented, seriously, use with caution because once it’s on your cheeks it’s hard to blend! It’s a lovely rose colour and I really like it I just have to be very careful when applying, very little is more than enough.

The Arch Rival(£8.49) is a neat little brow kit with 2 power shades and a wax, along with that it comes with 2 tools; mini tweezers and a double-ended brush with a spoolie! Complete travellers dream! I think this is my favourite of all three products. I use the lighter shade of the two powders to fill in my eyebrows, however, I use my own brush (old habits die hard) but the spoolie comes in handy. There’s also a little mirror… the whole compact is just well made and really worth the money! It’s definitely my new favourite product to use on my brows!

Jumping on the Lip-kit idea the Slay All Day(£8.95) kits come with a matte liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner. I chose the shade #TBT a gorgeous brown with a slight purple hue to it, the liner is incredibly creamy so applies on the lips really well without dragging! The liquid lipstick also goes on well with little product going a long way… they feel comfortable on the lips, it didn’t dry out my lips at all. This shade also lasts a really long time (even after eating loads of snack and drinking irn bru). I kinda feel like the liquid lipstick packaging isn’t on par with the other two products. I really love this colour, a definite winner!

Overall, I’m really impressed with these products, it’s great to see a new makeup range hit the UK stores and of this quality I’m really excited to explore more of what they have to offer.  The packaging overall is nice on the eye and feels like well made quality, It does feel like it’s aimed at a younger audience with regards to some of the names of their shades (I’m getting old) but it doesn’t put me off when the results of the products are so good! I’m excited to see how the brand performs in the beauty community!




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