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A Look Inside My 2018 Bullet Journal

Well hello, thank god January has ended it honestly felt like it lasted an eternity and not in a good way.

I’m going to kick off the month with a Bullet Journal update – In May last year, I started my journal using a notebook I got from Asda (here’s a link to my previous bujo posts). I decided to use it as a test run, to see how I found the concept. It was a really great success and I kept up with it really well and I was itching to move on to a proper Leuchtturm 1917 journal – My little Asda bargain did me well, however, as you can see it got battered really easily so I’m hoping the much more expensive Leuchtturm will bare better.


I decided to go for a plain page Leuchtturm out of fear that the dots would bother me when writing, I do see the plus sides of having a dotted page (making it easier to create boxes etc…) but I felt plain page was the right choice for me.  It also comes with 2 ribbon bookmarks which come in very handy, as well as a pocket at the back of the book. As bullet journaling is all about keeping organised the pages are numbered and with a table of contents at the front of the book it is so easy to keep track and find the page you’re looking for quickly.

Bullet Journal Blog Post
Leuchtturm1917 BUJOBullet Journal tips and tricks

Just like the beginning of my last bujo I stuck some sticky notes and made a little pocket out of an envelope to hold some stickers that I have to accompany my journal.
The next page in has an overview calendar of the year which I did very sloppily, regretfully.

In last years journal, I added a “Places Visited” page where I drew a bunch of street signs so I could document places of interest I had visited. I really loved that page, I love looking back and adding new places. One thing I have yet to add to 2018s book is a “Books Read” I drew a bookshelf in my previous book but it went pretty much untouched. I do wish I read more and that reminder that I didn’t read much in 2017 is disheartening. If I get my bum into gear and read more this year then I will add this page later on into the book.

Bullet Journal Contents Places visited bullet journal ideasPlaces Visited

Bullet Journal Monthly Page Idea

I pretty much have same monthly layout… I like to use two pages to do an overview of the month where I have enough room to add important events and things I don’t want to forget. It’s also a quick and simple way to keep track of the days etc…
Something that I am adamant about doing throughout this year is keeping up with an’ A Line A Day’ – I’ve had journals for this before which I could never keep up, but as I update my BUJO every day it’s easy to keep up to date. I write anything from what I was up to that day to how I’m feeling. I’m looking forward to being able to look back (that’s a funny sentence) to the months in this way.

Monthly Overview Bullet Journal Monthly Pages Ideas
With my weekly spreads, I like to keep two pages before each week where I can take notes down and write down a to-do list or anything I hope to achieve or need to get done for that following week. Then on the two pages following that I’ll have my weekly spread, therefore I can refer back to notes I made at the beginning of the week and add into each day as I go etc… I have found this method to work well for me. I probably don’t need a whole page for each and I may add some trackers at some point but otherwise, I’ll keep it to a ‘blog stuff space’ and ‘other stuff space’

With regards to the spreads I keep it fairly simple, giving space to each day – sometimes I give the weekend just one box it just depends on how I’m feeling at the time of sketching it up.
I tend to do a little bit of decorating with washi tape and stickers or maybe a quote. I usually finish decorative part once the week is finished so I know what space I’m able to use.

Bullet Journal Weekly Pages Ideas
Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads
Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

One of the things I like doing at the moment is adding metallic polka dots to the page. It’s when drawing out my spreads that I think having a dotted page journal would be handy as it’s easier to make all the boxes the same size but oh well – my bullet journal is never going to look Pinterest perfect.

I’m going to attempt at giving you a monthly update of my bullet journal so you can see any changes I’ve made, pages added as well as new weekly spreads.
If you’re looking for some inspiration for yours I have a board on Pinterest where I pin not only my own photos but some of my favourites from others.

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