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So long 2017, I’m not going to miss you.

I’m starting a little bit late with this reflection on 2017 and looking forward into 2018, just after Christmas I fell ill with the flu (I think they’re calling it the Aussie flu) so my mind was preoccupied with getting better than anything else. Now that I am more or less back to normal I began thinking about 2018 and what I hope for the year. When I was younger making resolutions was something I did every January 1st but I knew that they would be left behind once the first month of the year had passed. January can be such a grim month, Christmas is over and reality is setting in, the bleak winter days don’t have pretty lights decorating the street so I think making resolutions for me was a way of getting through the month, something for me to concentrate on until the January blues disappeared. The last few years I haven’t made any resolutions.

scottish blogger At the end of 2016, I made a highlights of the year post and this year I decided not to do one as although I wouldn’t say I had a bad year, 2017 certainly hasn’t been my favourite. I found that I was down on my luck, little things I tried to do were being knocked back. I found myself taking a step back, I’ve always struggled with social anxiety, ever since I was a child but 2017 I found myself retreat even more. Going home to do the same thing every night felt much more comforting than following through with plans I had made with friends. I want to try more things and visit more places.

2017 was also the first in 10 years where I didn’t go to one concert, live music is such a big role in my life and I found myself choosing not to go to many, because of the ever-growing price of tickets, looking back it’s a major regret. This year I want to start going to gigs and supporting smaller acts rather than just seeing my ultimate faves.

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So, although my resolutions won’t be me hoping to shed a few pounds or going to the gym every day I have decided that my resolution is to be able to look back on 2018 and think ‘I had a good time’. I want to make an effort with my friends, I want to continue to visit new places and carry on going to gigs, especially smaller artists and bands that I listen too. I want to make the decision to go out rather than come home.  Although now Friends is on Netflix that is going to be hard.

So there we have it, my little admission on how I felt about 2017. It’s hard to admit in the age of social media that I didn’t have that much fun last year and that I didn’t take full advantage of all the things I could have done.  There is nothing worse than ‘what if’s’ and ‘if only’s’.

Do you have any exciting plans or goals for the year?

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