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A Little Polka Dot Number

Welcome back to PennyxxLane,

I have been so rubbish with writing posts this year, I need to get back into a proper routine – I miss the continuity and the weeks passing without any new content is super frustrating. I have quite a few makeup posts planned but I’d like to break them up with other things and those other things just haven’t been happening. I’m gonna try harder.

During May I put myself on a bit of a clothes and makeup ban… However, I did find a really cute dress from Matalan. Matalan was a shop my Mum loved shopping in when I was younger, I begrudgingly spent so much time while she looked around so, unfortunately, it’s never a shop I really want to visit. However, in my local town, they opened a brand new store in a new location which was brighter and a lot more inviting. I now find myself in there a lot more having a little wander around and I often see some really cool stuff.  Perhaps they’re trying harder to be more modern or maybe I’m just turning into my Mum.

Scottish Blogger

Scottish Blogger, Next, Matalan

I originally saw this dress on the Instagram of BrummyMummyOf2  and I fell in love with the double polka dot pattern – My personal taste has changed a lot since I was a teenager, however, my love for polka dots has remained. The smaller ditzy polka dot print on the wrap and lower half of the dress is really flattering and drapes beautifully giving it a bit of a youthful edge. There is an optional tie belt which helps give the dress a really lovely shape. The top half is v-neck which gives it a feminine touch. I did size down as it does come up big and on reflection, I could have sized down again as it is a little bit baggy around the chest and shoulder area. Although the polka dot print isn’t anything out of the ordinary with regards to my style, I really don’t have a dress like this so I feel like I did well to choose something a little less safe than I am used to aka the V-Neck.
There is also a beautiful green floral skater dress in the store which is typical me and screams summer which I think may need to fall into my basket the next time I pop into Matalan.

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I have been on the hunt for a Denim Jacket for such a long time, I found it so difficult to find a style that I liked. It was either to over-sized or too cropped and if it wasn’t that then the colour wasn’t right. Last Summer I liked the idea of a Pink denim, Boohoo has quite a lot of pink denim but due to my fussiness, I could never quite decide on one by just looking at a photo on a beautiful model. I popped into Next to have a look at one they had online and fell in love. I love the pink it’s perfect for this time of year and the denim is soft and delicate on the skin instead of being tough and rough. It has been the perfect jacket for the weather we’ve been having this month and one of my favourite unseen parts is that it has two inside pockets. I’m glad I waited around to find the perfect one for me and you will certainly see a lot more of this little gem on here and over on my Instagram. Basically, I’ve barely taken it off since I bought it and I don’t plan on taking it off anytime soon.

Finally, the little black faux velvet boots, there really is nothing spectacular about this little £8 Primark number but a plain black ankle boot is something I didn’t have but will come in handy, with the loud and busy print of the dress the shoe really didn’t need to be anything more than what it is. Whats better is that they’re really comfy, I often find Primark shoes can be a hit or a miss comfort wise but these black boots are definitely a hit. They’ll probably be ruined by the time Winter rolls back around but for now, they’re there if I need them and they do the job well.

Primark Boots, Primark Fashion

The photos from this post were taken at North Queensferry one of my favourite spots – I often find that it’s a lot quieter than South Queensferry and also merits a trip across the Queensferry Crossing.  The day I visited despite being really warm it was quite cloudy and I really miss the blue skies from these photos. The Forth Rail Bridge looks spectacular with a blue sky background but alas this is Scotland, warmth and a clear blue sky would be asking just a little too much!

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