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Well the snow looks like it’s finally disappearing, I’m not going to lie when the Beast from the East was first being discussed I was not here for it, I had spent too many days waiting for snow that was promised, that would give me a snow day and I was let down time and time again – I was ready for lighter and warmer days but Storm Emma had other ideas and Scotland came to resounding halt – which resulted in not one but 3 snow days. So I was pretty happy to pause my Spring dreaming and enjoy the mounds and mounds of snow that was lying outside. Bonus days – work was called off so I had nowhere to be or any way of getting anywhere, it was bliss. Wandering round in the snow when the blizzard was taking a break and of course walking to the nearest shop to pick up chocolate and popcorn – I mean everyone else in the country had panic bought everything else.  Then coming home to cosy under the blankets and catch up with all the shows and films. I feel like we need a few days a year like this; Where we have no choice but to be at home – give yourself the chance to recharge or without feeling like you need to be doing something. It was definitely the unexpected break that I needed.

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There are still remnants of snow on the pavements and big mounds in corners of streets and carparks, but I’m hoping we have seen the last of the white good-ness and that Spring is going to make it’s long-awaited appearance. I have been living in my parka for months now and although it has served me well through Winter  I am ready to remove myself from it and wear something a little more pretty – I’m excited to dress for Spring, wearing more colour and more structured outfits. I’ve included a little lust list of things I want to add to my wardrobe (affiliate links).
Little ditsy floral dresses (I know Miranda, groundbreaking) and vans and I desperately want a pale pink denim jacket. I’m also being practical and adding bright jumpers to my list because although the sun may be shining (if we’re lucky) it can still be a bit chilly – plus i’m loving sweaters at the moment.

It’s now less than a month until I head to New York for the first time and I am so excited about heading to my dream destination – I am in full-blown planning mode so if you have any recommendations throw them my way.  I’ve also had fun picking up a few bits of clothes which I’m sure I’ll share on here during the trip. I booked my trip in May last year and I remember feeling like it was such a long time to wait but the months have flown by. I always need to have something to look forward too to keep me focused and this is a big one so the wait hasn’t been too excruciating (My friends May disagree). I have a New York bucket list that I’m going to share before I go – we’ll see how well I do and what I manage to tick off once I return.

Before I go I wanted to share a song that I have on repeat at the moment. Seeing Blind from Niall Horan and Maren Morris – I am familiar with Maren’s music as I am regular listener of the Country section on Apple Music… and well I’m sure everyone knows Niall from One Direction – If it wasn’t for Maren’s appearance I’m afraid to say I wouldn’t have otherwise given this a listen but I am so glad I did. I was never into One Direction but I am a fan of Niall’s voice in this song, I should give the rest of his album a chance. Lesson learned?  Never judge a song by the fact the singer used to be in one direction.


“Seeing Blind” from Flicker (Deluxe) by Niall Horan on iTunes

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Hope you enjoyed this little catch-up.

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