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Let’s catch up

Edinburgh Rose Street

Time for a little breather, to catch up…. I’m pretty much in denial about it almost being Autumn, I’ve seen so many people getting excited about the upcoming autumn season and Halloween and Christmas! I feel like the summer hasn’t even properly begun and I’m trying not to wish for the darker months because they last soooo long in Scotland and by May and it’s still cold – it can be a bit of a drag. So I’m holding on to summer for as long as I can and when Autumn does come around then I’ll enjoy it.

At the beginning of July, I had the pleasure of attending Louise Pentland’s book signing and Q&A – I love Louise’s videos she so funny and unapologetic and I love that she no longer sugar coats life. Getting to sit in the same room and listen to her stories and anecdotes was so much fun, like a real life vlog!
She’s sooo funny and I loved her Wilde Like Me novel too.

Louise Pentland Book Tour South Queensferry

South Queensferry - Once Upon A Time
We’ve had a few nice days here in Scotland, I stumbled upon a little hideaway beach on one of my walks, there was literally no-one else, it was sooo peaceful and warm.
We then made it to South Queensferry where Ice Cream was on the agenda, I spotted a little parlour called Once Upon A Time, it was such a cute little place with low ceilings and lots of colourful sweets. The ice cream was amazing too! I think it may have been one of the hottest days of the summer – I’m also desperate to go back for more of the sweet delights at Once Upon A Time.

I’ve spent some time in Edinburgh, City Centre, enjoying the city before the madness of the fringe begins. Wandering through the Tron Kirk and Royal Mile Market – which I love – so many cute little nick nacks. I love hearing the busy buzz and of course the bagpipes. I love it!

The Tron Kirk - Edinburgh Photography Edinburgh Charlotte Square Edinburgh

amazing street art captured during a fly by visit to Glasgow

Birthday Cake DIY Afternon Tea

 Last week was my Mum’s birthday, as she was working in the morning my sister and I decided to put together a mini afternoon tea, so we rushed round Asda picking up her favourite bits and finding the perfect birthday cake – rushing home to lay everything out before she got home. Thankfully we had everything ready plus her favourite band The Kinks on in the background for her arrival.
She was so surprised and loved it. Side note – M&S do a really lovely pack of 3 mini sandwiches which were perfect not to mention delicious for the last minute shindig. The Drip Birthday case was also sooo good, Asda is my current go-to place for birthday cakes, they have a great selection and they actually taste so good. Birthday cakes when I was younger usually had a dry sponge and very old tasting icing.

Teddy Bear Picnic - Flowers

My brother and sister-in law invited me to a Teddy Bear Picnic in aid of Children in Need and hosted by Asda who provided food and drink, it was a lovely day for it and it was hosted in the beautiful Starbank Gardens on Trinity Road in Edinburgh.
There is a mini fairies trail inside the gardens too – Great for kids and a big kid like me!  A lovely way to spend the afternoon and raise money for a great cause!

One of my favourite places to go a wander is through Circus Lane, especially during summer, there is something so tranquil about the little lane, the need to whisper and take a copious amount of photographs each time.
Circus Lane, Stockbridge, Edinburgh
Circus Lane, Edinburgh

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into my life and remember you can keep up to date with my daily life on Instagram (PennyxxLane) where I insta stories a lot!

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