Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Foundation| One Year On.

*Disclaimer: prior to writing this post I looked up to work out how to find an expiration date for make-up, something I probably should have known but ach well. This foundation is 6 months.


I bought this foundation at the end of May 2015… My skin was a bit of a nightmare,  I spent a lot of money trying different foundations that would work well with my dry skin. And on good days where my skin wasn’t having a complete meltdown the foundation would be fine and my skin would like nice. But most days my skin was dry and it was only enhanced by the foundation. I have done a little research and found that Laura Mercier had a hydrating foundation; Créme Smooth Foundation(£41.50) and decided to give it a try. It’s an expensive one at £41.50 so I popped into Harvey Nichols and decided to do things the proper way and have the lovely make-up artist colour match me. He applied the foundation and it was perfect, it looked so natural and felt like nothing was there so I purchased it.


So almost one year on and i’ve almost finished it ( probably should have stopped using it 6 months ago but oh well.) How do I feel about it. Well the fact that I haven’t stopped using it speaks volumes and not just because it was the most expensive foundation I’ve ever bought. It claims to be very hydrating and perfect for dry skin and I whole heartly agree, even on days where my skin is really bad and dry the foundation works and helps cover that up. So you can imagine how it looks on a good skin day huh… Not once over this past year have I even had a inkling of trying something new. The last two months i’ve began wearing too faced primer which makes the foundation apply even better.

I thought it would be nice to show you that after all this time i’m still really happy with this foundation as a lot can change.

A little also goes such a long way as you can see it’s lasted me a whole year but you do get big jar of it… I think they could make the jar smaller and a little cheaper as it the expiration date is 6 months.



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