Kylie Jenner | Liquid Lipsticks… My thoughts

Kylie Lipkit

Kylie Jenner set beauty lovers into a complete frenzy with the release of her lip kits, with products selling out within minutes and super secret release dates and times they were the most anticipated and hyped product/brand of the year!
Things have begun to settle down now and with her product range increasing with the addition of eyeliner and shadow along with singles of her famous liquid lipsticks.
Being a massive matte liquid lipstick fan I was curious but the price of shipping and the major possibility of a customs charge put me off… Were they going to be worth it?

When the Kylie Cosmetics ran a recent promo of 5¢ for international shipping I took the opportunity to finally give them a go! I decided to go for singles, as although I’ve heard great things about the lipliners, I’m not one to use them daily. I thought I’d buy two shades of liquid lipstick rather than one lip kit.
The Singles cost 17$ (£14),I placed my order on the 30th of September, I got a shipment e-mail on the 4th October and I got a customs note through my door on the 10th October… My customs charge was £13.25 so, all in all, I paid £43.73 A steep price but I have paid similar prices for makeup previously so not too eye watering for me.

Kylie Lipkit

Dolce K Lipkit
Dolce K

I ordered 2 from the original line as they were ones I had been wanting for the longest. Dolce K is a cappuccino brown the kind of shade I gravitate towards. Hoping the colour looked as good on me as it looked on others, the formula went on pretty much 100% opaque, so no need for a second layer and dried down into a matte within seconds. Being a usual matte lip wearer I’m used to the dry feeling that they can usually give… a good matte lip product won’t feel too much, although I have experienced matte lip products that just don’t feel nice to wear at all. The Kylie liquid lips are very comfortable and you pretty much forget you’re wearing them.

I love a pink lip but it’s easy  for a pink to wash me out or just not look right, so it was a risk to order, however, KoKo K is the perfect colour that  will work for every day but has good enough of a punch to be exciting and be the centre of your makeup look. KoKo is in the middle of a nude pink and a baby pink and I just love it!
I’m not quite sure what it is, perhaps it’s the opaque matte-ness of the shades but they just bring your lips to life and give your lips a little definition.

KOKO K lipkit

KoKo K Lipkit

They dry really well, so I don’t have any issues with colour smearing when drinking or eating etc… Do they last all day long? no, they do fade but last a really great length of time. At the end of the day, it’s not difficult to remove the colour however if you change your mind not long after applying, they are hard to get off.
Despite how matte they are I was pleasantly surprised to find that they don’t damage my lips… I was kinda expecting my lips to be needing a little TLC after but they’re just fine!

I’m being completely honest, I felt I was just falling for the hype when I ordered them and would find the products disappointing and something I rarely reach for and someone who has no interest in the whole Jenner/Kardashian clan, I am very unbias but I really love these products!

Are they worth the purchase?

In British pounds, the single Liquid Lips cost £13.95 and I think for that price the quality of the liquid lips is fantastic and the packaging is very nice too. Putting all the extras of delivery (which is usually around £12) and customs (which is an unavoidable surprise) you might find you can find something just as good here in the UK which is more obtainable. However personally, I don’t regret my purchase, I’m glad I’ve finally had the opportunity to see what the fuss is all about. Will I order again? Yes more than likely, however, it won’t be a regular monthly purchase and perhaps only when there is a promo running or discount.

But these shades get a massive thumbs up from me!



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