Kylie Cosmetics| Mini Mattes (Valentines Edition)


I have succumbed once again when Kylie Jenners makeup brand announced their Valentines Collection I couldn’t help myself!
Now I know that unfortunately, this set is no longer available but I thought I’d review the shades as there are three from the permanent collection and two of the new shades have now been made part of the main collection and are on sale today!

The Mini Mattes come with 6 mini versions of the popular Liquid Lipsticks, they usually include a mixture of the original collection and brand new releases and limited editions etc! This set included 3 from the original line and 3 new shades.

The bottles are very small, so I’m scared to use the colours as I don’t want to run out, but it’s a great way of testing the shades to see what you like, the set costs $36.


The set included one of the two Valentines liquid lip colours, Head Over Heels is a gorgeous plum colour, I’m a big fan of a purple lip so this shade was right up my street. I’ve heard that Kourt K (A deep purple shade) is very streaky and can be hard to apply, however, I didn’t find that with Head over heels thankfully. Head Over Heels has now been added to the main collection.
Two other shades were released,  Apricot is a very peachy colour which I didn’t think I was going to like or suit this shade but I was surprised at how much I liked it! It’s not my favourite but it’s a nice alternative to a brown nudey colour.
The beautiful bright pinky shade High Maintenance  is such an easy colour for me to wear, it’s very similar to Rimmel’s 101 if you’re familiar with it. It’s lighter than KoKo K and a lovely everyday colour to wear.


The only shade from the set that I have tried is Mary Jo K (you can read the review here) if you’re a lover of red lips then I’m sure you’ll love it, a gorgeous post box red colour! It’s *sooo* flattering.
Posie K is a shade that I’ve been excited to try for a while but I was 100% on if this shade would look good on me but I’m now completely sold on it! It’s a combination of dark pink with an almost purple vibe to it. Definitely going to have to get this in a full sized bottle.
The Final colour in the set is Maliboo, a gorgeous nude/brown which I love but it’s not really that surprising, it’s a very typical colour for me to wear, I feel like it has lilac undertones to it when it’s on the lips! Beautiful colour… Not as intense as Dolce K!

Kylie Mini Mattes
Top to bottom – Posie K, Maryjo K, Head over heels, Apricot, High Maintenance, Maliboo


I’d recommend buying the mini mattes if you’re wanting to try the brand, as you get to try more than one lip colour – as shipping and customs are so much it’s not as easy to try different colours this is the perfect way to explore the shades… The bottle is very small so it won’t be lasting you a super long time – but at least you’ll know which colours you love and would buy full sized!
I originally was going to buy head over heels in the full bottom but when I saw it was part of the mini mattes collection it was a great excuse for me to test other colours that I had been itching to try. Head over heels isn’t a shade I would wear day to day so I don’t feel disappointed about not getting a full sized bottle!

The set was limited edition and is beautifully packaged with the red packaging, so it’s a lovely thing for any beauty lover to own!

what are your thoughts?


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