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Sunday Exploring // Kelburn Castle & Largs

Kelburn Estate, Scotland Kelburn Castle and Estate - Scotland

Being a lover of making lists, I, of course, have a list of places in my home country of Scotland I’d like to visit. Kelburn Castle was always popping up on my Instagram and I was itching to go! As it was the Bank Holiday weekend I planned to go on Sunday (I hate pre-planning as something usually gets in the way or the weather is complete s**t) but this time luck and the weather was on my side and we headed off. Kelburn Estate and country park is located in the North Ayrshire town of Largs…. as we drove around a few winding roads we saw nothing but blue waters peaking through the trees making us all gasp with amazement. Basically, we were all going into this trip blind, no-one really knew where we were going, all I knew was there was a beautiful building with some incredible artwork on it.

Kelburn Castle and Estate is more than I had originally thought, it’s a proper tourist attraction with gift shops and great play areas for kids. I realised quite quickly that to explore all of the grounds and everything it had to offer would be an all day excursion. So we went up to see the castle and explored a little of the surrounding areas but we really didn’t see everything it had and I can’t wait to go back and explore properly. The Castle was part of a project which brought 4 incredible graffiti artists together to work on the Castle to create a beautiful colourful masterpiece, it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before.  It was this I had originally wanted to visit. It really didn’t disappoint, just such a cool contrast with the old building and glorious gardens. Really mixing traditional and modern times together, but it works perfectly.
There were beautiful gardens with trees 1000s of years old, weeping willows – My sister and I completely fell in love with a little lane which was sprinkled with fallen pink petals, I wish I knew the name of the flower but I have no idea but it was beautiful, of course, a mini photo shoot ensued with some charming results!

For information on events and pricing, you can find it all here

Kelburn Estate Gardens

Unique Castles in Scotland Secret Gardens Kelburn EstatePlaces To Visit in Scotland Kelburn Estate in Scotland The Gardens of Kelburn Estate

Geraldo's in Largs

As I said at the beginning of this post, Kelburn Estate is situated in the town of Largs which I hadn’t been to before but I completely fell in love with the holiday vibes that it gave. We got some fish and chips and sat by the water and before heading home we also stopped by Geraldo’s for some ice cream, which was delicious, definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area. The drive back in the direction of Glasgow and Edinburgh was beautiful too!

Largs - Places to Visit in Scotland Seaside Resorts in Scotland - Largs Largs in Scotland



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