Jeffree Star – Celebrity Skin

Celebrity Skin Liquid LipstickJeffree Star Celebrity Skin Liquid Lipstick

As you may probably know by now I like matte liquid lips, it’s what I wear most of the time!
Next on my hit list was the cruelty free Velour Liquid Lipsticks from Jeffree Star, I went safe with Celebrity Skin(£16), it is a nude colour, a colour I’m all too familiar with. The first thing I noticed was the scent, it is quite an unappealing smell…. I was really surprised, I looked online to see what other people thought about the smell and many say they smell of rootbeer…I don’t know what that smells like unfortunately! If you own Celebrity Skin, please let me know what you think of the smell.

The dofer applicator applies a very opaque layer and although feels tacky when drying, it’s very comfortable on the lips once fully dried.  It’s a really nice nude colour which doesn’t wash me out like I first worried it might.  My lips are a little chapped from the cold weather and all the liquid lipsticks I wear daily, so the formula does cling a little to the dry bits but not so much that I would rather not wear it.

It’s a nude that is pretty universal and will suit so many people. I really love the colour! 

The shade selection in the range include quite a lot of “out there” shades, Celebrity Skin is definitely the most me out of the lot. And although it’s a slightly different tone to Kylie Jenners Dolce K, it’s a great alternative for me to wear so that I don’t use Dolce K too quick. The main advantage of buying the Jeffree Star range is that it’s much more obtainable for us in the UK.

Have you tried the Velour Liquid Lipsticks? What are your thoughts? 




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