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What I’ve Been Watching On Now TV

As you may know, I am a big fan of Netflix and streaming different movies and tv shows (you can check out my “what I’ve been watching”  posts here). Something I’ve been using since the New Year is Nowtv. My knowledge on NowTv went as far as booking the football for my dad but since buying a Nowtv box I’ve really enjoyed it and I’m starting to see the benefits of using it for a more everyday purpose. I don’t watch Live T.V much – I  use Catch Up services and if it’s not on Netflix I don’t watch.

Nowtv comes with a bunch of apps including YouTube and all the main British Catchup apps like BBC IPlayer All4 etc..  The Now TV passes have now become my new obsession. The Sky Movies Pass is £9.99 a month and has a great variety of movies from recent blockbusters to classics. The Entertainment pass has lots of box sets to choose from too. After using the free trials that they offer I found myself really missing the passes when it was up.

I’m now choosing to cancel my virgin package in favour of the passes as I’m more likely to handpick what I want to watch rather than browse channels. With the Smart Tv box, you also get free view channels which is also a plus.

So now I’ve given you the information I’m now going to give you a little review of what I’ve been watching from the movie pass.

Now TV Review

50 First Dates

I am a big Drew Barrymore fan throw in Adam Sandler and I’m in Heaven and this film is super charming, about a girl who has amnesia and can’t retain new information. Adam Sandler’s character, of course, falls for her and takes it upon himself to try and help her live her life with him in it despite the fact she wakes up every day with no idea who he is. It has a great mixture of Adam Sandler’s comedy and Drew Barrymore’s emotion.


The movie adaptation of Stephen Kings novel of the same name, this is one of my favourite movies. James Caan plays successful author Paul Sheldon who has just left a Lodge after writing another book but then drives off the road during a blizzard. He’s rescued by Annie Wilkes (played by the amazing Kathy Bates) who just so happens to be a super fan, promising to care for him until he can get to a hospital. Kathy Bates is tremendous in this thriller that will have you shielding your eyes as well as laughing.

Central Intelligence 

One of the more modern films was Central Intelligence starring Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson – These comedy/action films I enjoy mainly for the comedic value, I love the Dynamic between Kevin and Dwayne’s characters and just Kevin and Dwayne in general.

My Girl

One of my childhood favourites was this cute film featuring a cute McCulley Culkin, Dan Akroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis and the main girl Anna Chulmsky. Veda is an 11-year-old girl living with her father and enjoying summer with her best friend Thomas Jay… I do feel I’m obligated to tell you that this film will punch you in the feels. You’ve been warned.


This was suggested by my sister and I was a little sceptic about it. James McAvoy plays multiple characters in this psychological thriller about a man with multiple personalities who abducts 3 teenage girls. It was a strange movie and I’m still not sure what to make of it. It had me uncomfortable at moments and laughing the next.

Meet The Parents

Meet The Parents is one of those movies that I could watch no matter what mood I’m in. If you have not seen this modern classic with Robert Di Niro and Ben Stiller, it’s about Stillers character Greg meeting his girlfriend Pam (and hopefully soon to be fiance) parents, but  unfortunately for Greg, Pam’s Dad isn’t the easiest man to please and he gets himself into so many sticky situations. It’s a fun one.

The Back-Up Plan

One of the movies my sister and I love to watch together is the Back-Up Plan, we went to see it in the cinema and just found it such a cute movie, that every so often we sit down with some munchies and watch it. We laugh and we “Awwww” then we sing the end credit song. It stars Jennifer Lopez as single gal Zoey who wants to have a baby and having no husband isn’t stopping her. The movie opens with her being artificially inseminated and leaving the treatment feeling confident and happy she then meets Stan a very beautiful man and of course making her current single mum situation that little bit more complicated. I love a good Jennifer Lopez rom-com.

Two Doors Down

I’ve been keeping up with the new episodes of Two Doors Down on the IPlayer because I am obsessed with this programme. I’m not quite sure if this programme is available outside of Scotland. It’s about a group of neighbours who usually congregate into Beth and Eric’s house not always to their approval. You have Cathy and Colin who like the finer things in life and love a backhanded compliment. Then there’s lovely wee Christine who says exactly what’s on her mind. I honestly have not laughed out loud at a tv show in soooo long, I swear the episodes aren’t on long enough.
I’m a bit of a cheerleader of the show and urge everyone I speak to – to watch it.


Requiem is a thriller which is currently being shown weekly on BBC1 or you can stream the entire series on the IPlayer. It’s about promising musician Matilda after her Mum commits suicide Matilda discovers a box of things surrounding the disappearance of a little welsh girl Carys from many years ago, Accompanied by her friend she decides to visit the little village where the girl went missing to find if there is a link to her mother and the missing girl. I have yet to finish the series and although I’m really intrigued to watch the ending, I haven’t really enjoyed the series, I didn’t find myself gripped and enjoying the storyline unfold like I usually do with this sort of programme. There seems to be an underlying paranormal element to the programme which isn’t often brushed upon and just seems odd. Here’s hoping the ending makes up for the rather disappointing middle.

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