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What I’ve Been Watching On Netflix #3

Well Hey,

It’s time for a little round up of what I’ve been watching on Netflix recently and hopefully you’ll find something to add to your “to watch” list!

13 Going On 30

I loved 13 going on 30 when it was first released and I continued to watch it religiously on DVD, its been quite some time since I had last watched it when I noticed it had been added to Netflix and I’m not going to lie I watched it everynight for a week.
If you haven’t seen it’s about a young girl, Jenna who is desperate to ditch her loyal but dorky best friend Matt to become friends with the popular kids and to look like the girls in her favourite magazine Poise, but when things don’t go too plan she makes a wish to be Thirty, Flirty and Thriving… Similar to the movie Big she gets her wish but maybe she misses the life she left behind. It’s such a cute movie with a banging soundtrack with some great 80s tunes. It stars Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo

Buy Herself

Something different I watched recently was the Canadian property programme Buy Herself which sees Sandra Rinomato real estate agent helping woman from all backgrounds buy their own house by themselves – she usually shows them around four houses trying to tick things off their wish list all while staying in budget. I just enjoy looking around other peoples homes and seeing what houses are like in other countries (In this case, Canada). There is only one season but if you’re looking for something to put on in the background this is pretty good.

What to watch on Netflix

The I.T Crowd

I pretty sure I’m right in saying that the I.T crowd was on Netflix before but it’s been re-added with every series. If you haven’t seen it before it’s a British television series about the I.T department of a big company – Maurice and Roy are the dorky and naive I.T guys who are managed by the I.T illiterate, smooth talker Jen, they have some seriously hilarious moments… it’s so funny and at times rather in-appropriate. If you’re an I.T guy and haven’t seen this, you need too.

I love you, Man

I love you, Man stars Paul Rudd a charming nice guy who is newly engaged and it’s brought to his attention that he doesn’t have any guy friends so he goes on to seek a best friends. He befriends fun loving Jason Segal where they have a little bromance. It so funny and I love how awkward Paul Rudd’s character Peter, who is super sweet but also really awkward. Of course it isn’t all plain sailing and the friendship between the two begins to cause trouble between Peter and his soon to be wife Zooey, played by the gorgeous Rashida Jones.

Gilmore Girls

I started watching Gilmore Girls around the time that they brought out the new series, I became a big fan despite finding that the way the two characters talk quite annoying, the way I would describe it at times is overacting, particularly with Rory (Alexis Bledel), In a nutshell I think the two main characters sometimes talk to fast. None the less I love the programme and I want to live in Stars Hollow where the programme is set, a sleepy town with some very unique characters. The programme documents not only the relationship of mother Lorelai and her daughter Rory and their love lives but the education of Rory and her ambition to attend Harvard. Two of my favourite Characters are Emily and Richard Gilmore the wealthy parents of Lorelai with which she has a bumpy relationship with.
I do prefer the original series to the revival A Year in the Life. I’m not sure Gilmore Girls is for everyone but if it is, be prepared to become obsessed.

Sixteen Candles

What do I love more than 80s movies? John Hughes 80’s movies. Sixteen Candles stars 80’s idol Molly Ringwald as Samantha who’s 16th birthday has been forgotten about due the up coming wedding of her older sister. With every teen movie of course she is crushing on a older boy who she feels she doesn’t come close to other girls he is often seen with. She does however has the affections of a dorky boy played by Anthony Michael Hall.
It also has John Cusack (and a lil cameo from Joan Cusack too). It’s an 80s coming of age movie at it’s best.
John Hughes never disappointed me.

Schitt$ Creek

The most recent thing for me to watch on Netflix is Schitt$ Creek created by Eugene Levy and his son Daniel Levy, a comedy about a wealthy family, The Rose’s who lose all their money and have no choice but move to Schitts Creek a poor and unglamorous town which they bought previously as a joke. Of course they find it very difficult to fit in to their new surroundings. It’s not laugh out loud funny but it’s a cool programme to watch in the evening before bed.


What are your recommendations?

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