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It has been over a year since I last wrote up a book review and for the last few months, I have had my nose in a book constantly I thought I’d give you a little Mini review of a few books I have read recently.
I am a big lover of women’s fiction but I also like a good crime/thriller novel too.


Mark Edwards Because She Loves Me Book Review

I’m going to start with Mark Edwards a British author who writes thrillers, what I really enjoy about his books is he likes to write about scary stories but with situations that could actually happen to any person. His novel The Magpies I read a couple of years ago and I still talk about it to people, definitely recommend but today we’re talking about Because She Loves Me.  Andrew Sumner is the main character who has had a run of bad luck but when he meets the beautiful Charlie he hopes this could be a turning point in his life but a lot of strange things start happening around his home and he begins to wonder if he’s losing his mind or if someone is behind all the weird happenings – not only that he begins to think he’s being followed as well as terrible occurrences to the people around him. I love Marks novels as they definitely have you wanting to know whats going on immediately so I highly suggest getting some snacks a blanket and read this on a lazy rainy Sunday in one go.

Book Blogger Review

I’ve been reading Sophie Kinsella books for over 10 years now after discovering her ever-popular Shopaholic series at the Edinburgh Book Festival, her novels give me great comfort and a feeling of familiarity whenever I read them, like catching up with an old friend. My Not So Perfect Life is a fabulous very modern story about Katie who falls into the trap of sharing her life online but giving it the facade that it’s something more than what it really is. However, after getting sacked by her boss, Demitra she has to give up her not so Glamorous London life to move back home where she helps to set up a new business for her parents all whilst trying to convince everyone she has the perfect city working girl life.  It’s such a wonderful novel, and if like me, you are bang in the middle of the social media life then you will find yourself relating to Katie on so many levels. Laugh out loud and utterly enjoyable. One of Kinsella’ s best in my opinion.

Lindsay Kelk is the author of the brilliant I Heart Series and she recently released One In A Million… Set in the modern internet influencer world, Annie Higgin is a go-getter who is co-running a Social Media Specialist Company but struggling to be taken seriously by friends who work in the Advertising Agency in the same building she makes a bet that she can make anyone internet famous within 30 days. Unfortunately for Annie, her target is Sam, who is more likely to use Teletext to get his train times than use the internet, has no idea what a hashtag is and don’t even speak to him about Selfies. The world of Social Media is completely alien to him and being a historian with long hair and a bushy beard with less fashion sense than Mr Bean Annie certainly has her hands full to get him 20,000 followers and internet famous… However, meeting Sam Annie begins to learn new things about herself one like at a time.
This is such a lovely book with such an interest twist – I have read many a chick lit novel but never came across a character quite like Sam before, it was so refreshing to see such a mixture of two completely different worlds.

Lindsay Kelk One In a Million Book ReviewPaige Toon Five Years From Now

Five Years From Now is the latest release from Woman Fiction Author Paige Toon and well let me tell you this is, for me the must-read of the Summer. Five Years From Now tells the story of Nell and Vian who are brought together at 5 years old by their parent’s relationship, however, after a significant incident when they are 10 years old they are separated when Vian moves to Australia. They are reunited 5 years later at 15 years old where Nell only catches glimpses of the boy Vian was when he left years previous and she finds herself having to come to terms with their new dynamic but for the next two decades they are reunited and separated. Paige tells their story superbly, she has a way of getting me really invested in her characters and once again my heart was yearning for Nell and Vian… I literally couldn’t put this book down. I finished it at 3 am with tears streaming down my face… I won’t tell you if they were happy or sad tears though. It’s a novel that I have told so many people about and urged people to read. Such a beautiful story and a complete new favourite not only from Paige but in general and I know it will be a book I re-read many, many times.

What has been your favourite reads this Summer?

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