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iPad Pro 2018| Not a very techy review

We’re getting a bit techy hear at PennyxxLane today with an iPad Pro 2018 review. Now a little disclaimer before we get started, I am not super tech savvy – So if you’re looking for all the fancy jargon and in-depth analysis then you should probably check elsewhere.

Previously I had a regular iPad which I found to be a handy little addition – it was perfect for travelling and it meant I could do some blogging on the go. When it was time to upgrade I began thinking about going for the new Pro version. I was initially not really taken with the larger tablet concept but I was drawn in by the excitement of something a little bit different, I also wanted to start doing some extra graphics and an Apple Pencil seemed like a decent way to go.

IPad Pro 2018 blogger review

IPad Pro 2018

So onto the basics, I have the 12.9 screen which is currently the largest IPad you can get – It has Face ID but no longer has a home button, therefore, no Finger ID. Along with Apple’s insistence to annoy us all, it doesn’t have a headphone jack either. Apple can tempt me with many things but their wireless earphones are not one of them. I’d 100% lose one or both of the pods so it’s not happening. Ever.
The new generation of IPad Pros now uses a USB-C to charge, this means that there is a whole host of accessories that you can plug into your iPad, for example, a little dongle to connect your SD Card to the iPad. This is great for a blogger like me who takes a bazillion photos. Also if you do get the new Apple Pencil you are able to charge it by just sitting it on the magnetic strip. Super handy and a lot more convenient than having it stick out the end of the device like the first generation pencil.

IPad Pro 2018 review

Pro-create on the iPad Pro

I bought the iPad Pro with the intention of using it as a substitute for a laptop. I know that I can’t do as much as I would a laptop and it’s not as powerful but editing photos and writing blog posts I find doable – and the larger screen gives you more of a feel of an actual computer.
In order for me to gain the best experience and become most productive using the iPad for blogging, I did have to buy a few accessories. I wanted a case to help keep the tablet protected and decided to go with one that had an inbuilt keyboard. If you go with Apple then expect to pay £200 which is just crazy really considering Amazon is selling ones for £45 which is the one I chose. It’s plain black with a Bluetooth keyboard and it’s done me well so far and I really don’t see what makes the apple version so spectacular that it warrants such a hefty price tag.
Buying the USB-C to SD Card Reader was pretty high on my list, from apple this was £39.00, again I looked to Amazon and found one for £7.99 which works perfectly well. As I said previously, there is no headphone jack so unless you have wireless headphones you’ll have to buy a connector, I bought a pack of four from Amazon, unfortunately, these didn’t work – buying from Apple is £9 which is a lot more affordable (still annoying).
The Pencil isn’t a necessity by any means, but it is something that I was after moving forward with technology. The second generation pencil will set you back £119 so it’s definitely something to think about. My brother swears by the technology as an artist and creates a lot of his flash art using the iPad Pro and Pencil. For me, someone who doesn’t have any artistic ability at all I just really wanted to use it so I didn’t have to rely on other font programmes – I highly recommend downloading Pro-Create which is a paid for app that gives you so many different brush options – this is very popular amongst graphic artists, again my brother swears by it.
I’ve also really enjoyed using digital planners, I’ve been using the app Good Notes which allows you to create notebooks and planners – I’ve done all my blog planning via the app and I love that I can use the Apple Pencil to write instead of typing. As a traditional diary/planner lover it really combines the best of both worlds. I’m not quite ready to fully commit to the digital planner as I’m still using my Bullet Journal for all other life stuff.

Digital planner on good reads

iPad Pro accessories

Multi-tasking on the iPad Pro

When I first bought an iPad one thing that I found really annoying was that I couldn’t write a blog post and watch something at the same time – the multi-task feature allows you to have two apps opened at once, so I can be writing and watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia at the same time or have my digital planner open whilst writing or editing photos etc.. The only thing I wish I could do was have two tabs opened at once on the safari app. Being able to see both webpages at the same time would be handy.

The other thing I use my iPad heavily for is watching Netflix and other catch-up and streaming services there are four speakers giving you great sound and the bigger screen size is perfect for me to watch in bed at night.

All in all the iPad Pro has become a welcome companion where I can catch up on my current watch, write up posts and edit photos all in one place. I can happily say that I have no regrets on updating to the pro.


I hope I covered everything but if you do have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them as best as I can.

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