Incredible Things

imageThere are many incredible things, from big to small… like the smell of a leather bags…. Lilac kirby grips….  Or a brand new Mac lipstick,,To Taylor Swift herself. Being a lover of all things Taylor I couldn’t over look her perfumes. Incredible things (£29)is the 4th perfume that Taylor has released. One of my favourite things about the swifty perfumes is the bottles, the first 2 keeping in theme of her once love for magicalness, love and fairytales the 3rd bottle being more maturer with pearls and clear glass but the 4th is my favourite, with a rectangular bottle and water colour themed design, incredible things definitely screams maturity but with a splash of youthfulness. The scent too this time being less girly and more musky and masculine.

What’s your favourite TayTay perfume?


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