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What I’m Watching On Netflix This Month


Like the vast majority of people nowadays I spend a lot of time watching Netflix, it has completely replaced normal television! Whether it’s on for background noise or to entertain me on a rainy Saturday.
I thought I’d take a break from sharing some beauty bits and share what I’ve been watching this month!
I am a creature of habit – when it comes to Netflix, there are shows that I watch over and over again so some of them that I’ve mentioned I’ve watched a million times. I’ve also added a lil Louise red star rating too.

TV Shows

The People Vs OJ Simpson

I missed this when it was originally aired on UK television so I was excited that it had been added this month! To be honest I’m not hooked on it as much as I thought it would be. If you don’t know it chronicles the true Murder trial of Nicole Simpson who was believed to be murdered by husband OJ Simpson (who was an American Football player). The trial was widely publicised and this show has a number of well-known actors playing key roles in the trial, including David Schwimmer who plays Rob Kardashian ( I was probably the last person to know that he was “Theeee” Kardashian sisters Dad. Ross Geller being Kim K’s Dad… my mind can’t wrap around that haha! I mean you probably know what the outcome of it all is but if you’re into crime programmes it’s a decent one to watch.

oj simpson

Santa Clarita Diet

Another new addition is this Netflix Original zombie comedy starring Drew Barrymore (I’m a Drew fangirl so was excited).
About a Mum who lives in Suburban town who is suddenly a flesh eating zombie, she and her husband work together to help hide her new diet! I enjoyed watching this as its something different but I didn’t love it. If you a weak stomach I would suggest to watch with caution.

oj simpson

The Office UK

Here is an example of a show that I’ve rewatched on Netflix too many times for me to count – The Office if you haven’t ever seen it is a mock documentary about a paper company, the manager David Brent and the goings on in the office. It’s a cringe-worthy can’t stop watching telly and Ricky Gervais at his very best! It’s complete British comedy gold and I never tire of it. If you haven’t ever watched it (unlikely?) I beg you to watch just one episode!

the office

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

I was beyond thrilled to see this 90s throwback had been added! I found myself laughing even more than I did when I watched this as a teenager. All about a West Philadelphia boy born and raised who is sent to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle in the luxury area of Bel Air! With many memorable moments. This is such an easy programme to watch no matter the mood you’re in. It’s a classic!

the office

One Day At A Time

This was added in January (I think) and I really bloody loved it! It’s about a single mother and her 2 teenage children and eccentric mother who lives with them. With some real belly laughs and heartfelt moments which touches on feminism, race and sexuality in soft but meaningful manner, it’s definitely one of the best Netflix originals I’ve watched and I’m hoping that there’s another season! I’ve watched this season a good couple of times since it was added.


Another show that I’ve watched over and over is another from Ricky Gervais. Gervais plays Andy Millman and aspiring actor who is working as an extra, with even more cringy moments each episode stars a famous face playing themselves, some of them are hilarious! Daniel Radcliffe and Kate Winslet, in particular, were brilliant! Ashley Jenson also plays his naive best friend who I’m certain you will absolutely adore!
the office

Garfunkel and Oates

Now I’m not quite sure when this was added but I watched it at the beginning of the month when I recognised 2 faces from The Big Bang Theory, Garfunkel and Oates are a real life Comedy Folk Duo and this is a fictional show about the duo trying to make it in the music industry. It’s a cute and quirky little programme, however upon googling the show I’ve discovered it was cancelled after the first season! But if you like funny silly songs you’ll probably like this.

garfunkel (1)


Never Been Kissed


One of my favourite movies was recently added, Never Been Kissed is complete 90s/00s gold! Another entry from my gal Drew Barrymore who plays a Josie Geller a journalist who goes undercover as a 17-year-old in high school for a story, she makes some friends and also falls for someone and it’s just one of the best teen rom-coms that there is!

the office

What To Expect When You’re Expecting

I went to see this in the cinema when it first came out, it’s one of those movies where there are all different people and storylines going and they all kinda cross paths in some sort of way – I like the layout of those movies. I’m pretty sure it’s based on a self-help book! The film shows you the highs and lows of expecting a baby! It stars some big names including  Cameron Diaz, Jenner Lopez, Anna Kendrick and Dennis Quaid. If you have been through a pregnancy you’ll probably find it really relatable, it’s a fun girly rom-com which you can never go wrong with.

oj simpson

That’s all folks!
I do hope you have found something new to watch, with so many titles it can be little bit overwhelming trying to choose something.


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