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What I’m Watching On Netflix This Month (June Edition)

A couple of months ago I put together a post of all the things I had been watching on Netflix as I spend a lot of my time browsing and watching things on it. Can we take a moment to appreciate Netflix! I think it’s one of my favourite things of the modern ages! My younger self would have been obsessed!
Anyways the Idea of theses posts is to simply share what I’ve been watching and give a little review and hope that you find something different to watch as I know it can be a little overwhelming trying to choose something.


*Girl Boss*
I’m going to start with Girl Boss which admittedly I watched at the beginning of May I think it was… The tv show is based (very loosely as stated at the beginning of each episode) on the book of the same name by the founder of NastyGal Sophia Amoruso which is based on her life and how she started the very very successful fashion business. The show has faced much criticism from people who have read the book, I think many people were disappointed with Sophia’s character as she comes across as a bit whiney and spoilt but I have to admit I still like the character and root for her. I really enjoyed it, I thought it was funny and just something different to watch. It’s set in the early 2000’s too which is a lovely bit of early nostalgia for you.

*Uptown Girls *
I love Uptown Girls if you love romcoms then this is a must! It’s set in New York (LOVE) and it’s about carefree Molly who was the child of a late rock star who is enjoying life with her parents wealth but loses all her money and is forced to get a job nannying a young girl Rae who is the complete opposite to her. She’s around 9 but acts 29. It’s such a charming little movie.

*Austin Powers in Goldmember*
I was so excited to see Austin Powers in Goldmember had been added, it’s been quite a while since I’ve watched any of films from the franchise so it was so refreshing to watch. It is the final in the trilogy and it stars Beyonce too. I love all the different characters. I’m now patiently waiting for the first two to be added.

*My Best Friends Wedding*
I loved this movie when I was younger it stars Julia Roberts as Julianne (Jules) who is stunned to hear her best friend (and ex-lover) Michael is getting married to little miss perfect Kim (played by the very youthful Cameron Diaz) within a few days no less and to top it off she’s asked to be Maid Of Honor. Jules is upset that she’s no longer the only girl in Michaels life anymore and realises they should be together. She sets out to ruin the wedding. It’s funny and sad and just such a great girly movie with a great soundtrack too!
*Sleeping with the Enemy*
Julia Roberts makes her second appearance with Sleeping With The Enemy, a film about a young wife who is the victim of domestic abuse. After faking her own death to escape she is desperate to start a new life however her past comes back to haunt her. Despite its heaviness, it also includes a very out of place but still charming dressing up montage scene with Van Morrisons Brown Eyed Girl accompanying it.

*Katherine Ryan – In Trouble*
I don’t often watch standup on Netflix but one night I was needing some background noise and decided to watch Katherine Ryans stand up show and I was in stitches, I’ve always found her funny but I’ve never watched a full-length show. I’m now a full-on fan. She’s so hilarious and kinda mean but I still want to be her best friend. She really rivals many male comedians with her straight to the point, honest and unmerciful humour.

*Hello, My Name Is Doris*
I did not know what to expect when I put this on but ahh I really love it, it stars Sally Field as an eccentric older lady who is coming to terms with the passing of her mother. She develops a crush on a younger man (played by Max Greenfield of New Girl) who starts working with her and she goes to extreme lengths to befriend him and in doing so embarks on a new life in a hipster world all while trying to gain the affection of John (Max Greenfield). It really is funny, cringing and also rather heart moving. Please give the film a go, it’s fun and harmless.

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