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So I have been thinking a lot lately about moving out (the thought still terrifies me as I am a child trapped in an adults body) so of course I have been drawn to the Ikea website and others alike and I thought i’d share with you some of the things I’d quite to help make moving house feel like home.


Right now I’m not entirely sure of  in the living area and I love these mint green shelving unit from ikea (£59). Either to store books or anything for more ascetic purposes.I really like the like this for a dining table (£80) and in my head I would like to mix and match the style and colour of chairs, similar to Friends, in Monica and Rachels kitchen all their chairs were mix and matched and I think it looks pretty cool.

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I am in love with these copper tooth brush holder (£14.95 )and soap dispenser (29.95)I think It will look so cool with a very plain white orientated room. They are from

1091000052_1_1_2I am in love with this cushion from Next (£3.99) I think i’ll be going for a grey couch and I think this cushion with these designs will look super duper cute together.

L12953496I love the look of Ladder Shelfs, I think they look so cool and different I seen some on the IKEA website which were £60 but I think there will be cheaper options elsewhere. They will be perfect for decoration and for putting little decoration pieces on like candles and little flower pots etc…

So there is a few things I have been looking at for future en-devours and i’m sure there will be more of these home inspiration posts in the coming months!
If you guys have any favourite home websites please let me know!

Thanks for reading


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