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A Hobby Craft Planner




A couple of weeks ago I shared how I created my DIY planner if you’re really into crafting and making things very personalised that may be the planner for you, however, I know it’s not for everyone.

Planners are so expensive, though – that’s one of the reasons I created my own – spending £20+ on something that I’m not completely happy with – so when I was on one of my recent Hobby Craft trips I found a few planners for sale!
This blue and white stripe planner caught my eye. It comes with 2 sheets of stickers for different occasions and a couple for decorative purposes. The colouring is mainly Blue, Gold and Yellow… with lots of stripes and polka dots the design is very me!

Each month begins with a page for ideas and then a 2-page spread of a monthly overview which you can fill in the way you want and at the side of that a place to note all your important dates! At the bottom, there is a narrow section for any notes you may want to jot down.  Your weekly view is across 2 pages and each week has a section to write any notes. At the end of each month, there is a Don’t Forget List page, I do feel like this would be more beneficial at the beginning of the month. The last page is double sided and is a page for writing notes down.  Each month is sectioned by a divider so you can easily jump from month to month. It’s held together by a large gold ring binder – you could add pages or take them out if you wanted although it doesn’t seem super easy to do (I find everything difficult, mind you)

I have used some washi tape to personalise it but it really is pretty enough on its own. It’s a really nice planner for those who like planning but don’t want to spend a lot of money – it’s also a good base for going proper planner mad!



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