Hair Care Routine And Advice.

My hair is both great and the most annoying thing in the world. My hair I have to say is in great condition, I don’t dye it, I get it cut fairly often and I rarely use heat products on it. But at the same time it is extremely fussy when it comes to hair products, I try to avoid hair sprays and salts because they make my hair greasy and horrible. I have found a good routine to keep it happy. My hair gets use to shampoos really easily therefore I try and change my shampoo every 2nd wash. My favourite shampoo is from Charles Worthington as I can get away with using it a few washes in a row before my hair stops responding. I also find that this shampoo keeps my hair cleaner for longer allowing me a extra day before having to wash it again.It also leaves my hair the softest and most lightweight!  Another shampoo that I really enjoy but is not picture above is the Pantene Aqua light shampoo, it has a similar reaction to the charles worthington. A recent shampoo I have used is the Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME this was lovely and smell beautiful and I think it may be one of my new go to shampoos.

My hair has never responded well to conditioner and I never use it however once a week I use the Pantene 2minute deep repair hair masque which leaves my hair even more lightweight and soft! Used with Charles Worthington leaves my hair like a dream!

My number one tip if you just  think you hair is lifeless is to change the shampoo every 2nd wash! Even if you have two of your favourite shampoos and use them alternately. I would also strongly advise you not to wash your hair everyday!
I usually let my hair dry naturally I’m not sure is the best way but I prefer it to using heat.

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