Green Room and a little Adrenaline



It’s been far too long since I last done a nail post and I have no excuse I’ve bought so much new colours. 2 of which being from Topshop and I believe from their 5 year anniversary collection going from the rose gold polka-dot packaging which I am loving by the way!

Green Room (£6) is a green obviously and it’s nice and summer appropriate, but I’ll probably wear it all year round because green  are my favourite colour to wear on my nails 2nd to blue. The formula I have to say isn’t as impressive as my other topshop nails… I might have a dud but it seems quite watery and 2 coats is definitely needed which like I said isn’t the norm for topshop! Their varnishes are amongst my faves! I look over the formula this time for the colour though.

Along with it I bought Adrenaline (£6) … I don’t have much glitter varnishes at the moment so I thought it was time to buy a new one and I felt Adrenaline wasn’t too christmasy like, lots of silvers and pinks. I think it looks pretty cute paired with green room… I was tempted to add glitter to all my nails but felt that was a little OTT and didn’t want to take the attention away from the lovely green nails.

The picture was taken 6 days after I applied the colour and it’s still in great nick (aside from a couple of chips)! Seriously if you haven’t tried Topshop nails you are missing out hugely.




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