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Girls In Their Summer Clothes

Edinburgh beauty blogger - Primark fashion

Welcome back!
I hope you’re all having a lovely Summer – as the schools are returning in the next couple of weeks it feels like it’s all coming to an end here in Scotland, but to be honest, I do feel like we’ve been cheated. Although we have had some sunshine, July had a lot of dull days and I’m pretty certain it rained at least once every day….
I have so many outfits I want to share with you guys but the weather always seems to be against me. I got out last week and it didn’t rain for the whole day! Although it did get a bit windy which was kind of a nuisance.

The Dress

I have this beautiful floral dress which I really enjoy wearing, the bell sleeves make me feel very fancy. I do think it has enough character to be worn to a more formal event like a wedding but for a warm day with little boots in can be pulled off for casual day popping out for lunch.
I feel so girly in it. I mean I said it would be nice for a casual lunch but I would definitely accidentally dunk it in soup, so on second thoughts maybe not. If you’re not as silly as me I’m sure you’ll be fine. The dress itself is from Primark(£13) and was a complete impulse buy but definitely one of my better impulse purchases. It is a little baggy on me at places but I’m sure I’ll shrink in the wash at some point (totally serious). This is a recent purchase so you may still be able to find it in store.

Blogger Style

The Boots

I know it’s very stereotypical for girls to be obsessed with shoes, but I’m not one of them, I buy a pair and I wear them to death. These faux tan Daisy Street Boots are an old pair that I bring out every now and then. They help make the outfit a bit more casual…. I mean I would have worn my trusty but very battered Vans but I would have ruined a potentially really cute outfit.(Similar style of boots)

The Bag

This has been my most used weekend bag, I didn’t realise how much I was into the Pom Pom look until I seen the Floozie bag. I love the coral against the modest pink it also has detachable straps which I have taken off for this look. It’s such lovely quality and has a few little compartments. I like the size as they don’t allow you to over pack and carry things that you don’t need. Unfortunately, the bag is no longer on sale. (Similar here and here)

Blogger Fashion - Hand Bags
Daisy Street Boots.



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