Getting Over Bloggers Block
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Getting Over Bloggers Block

Anstruther Scotland
I have been blogging for over 3 years and despite my fairly regular activity on, I have found myself going through spells where I feel much less inspired than usual. has been my longest running hobby, I enjoy and I have a lot of pride in it. I have seen a few of my fellow bloggers take long gaps in between posts due to lack of inspiration, work commitments and just other life things.
Now and then I get little anxious moments where I think “am I enjoying this anymore”? I don’t want to not enjoy it, I want to want to keep going. No matter what life throws at me I try to get content out or at least be working on something.

Scottish Blogger

I find the best thing for me to do is just close the laptop and breathe for a minute. Do other things and soon enough I have always managed to get my mojo back. Whether it’s getting an exciting email or reading a blog post or seeing a dreamy blog photo or insta post to inspire me.  My dry spells never last long and I’m so thankful for that.
I love having my feed filled with inspiring and hard-working people who stop me from watching that episode of that TV show and instead picking up my camera or writing some words on the lipstick that I’ve been loving lately or sharing photos from a recent day trip.
A few of these dreamy gals are


If you are reading this as a blogger feeling like you’re looking for something to give you that little push I 100% recommend checking the blogs above! If you’re a reader and have yet to read their blog you need to have a little look! Trust me!

Anstruther Scotland
If you’re scratching your head wondering what to write about next here are a few post ideas.

Photo Diary/Photography Post: One of my favourite type of posts is sharing snaps from recent days or trips. If you have a beautiful park or live in an exciting city or charming little town go and take some moody or happy photos. Write about it, write how you’re feeling. Not only do I enjoy creating that kind of content but I also love reading it.

What you’ve been watching on Netflix: I spend a great deal of time watching different things why not share what you’re loving and even what you didn’t. I first did this as I was struggling with content ideas but it has now become a regular thing.

A Top 5 Post: This could be anything from your top 5 favourite lipsticks to your top 5 favourite biscuits!!! Every time I see a top 5 (or any number) I always read to see if my favourite makes the list! I can’t not check.

Wishlists: I love creating wish lists, I usually do it by shops for example “ASOS Autumn Wishlist” – I love creating mood boards and searching the websites for anything I like despite the price. When you’re wishing the price don’t matter 😉

Story Times: I love these! I wish I had the confidence to write about a funny situation but the one time I did I ended up making the post private. It doesn’t even need to be funny or embarrassing just a story you think is worth telling. (If you do this please link me)!

I hope that I’ve helped you (even the tiniest bit) get over the blogger block you may have!  If you have any tips please make sure to let me know!

Anstruther, Scotland
Photos were taken in Anstruther, Scotland.

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