Get Ready With Me - Wedding Guest Fashion

Get Ready With Me: Wedding Guest Edition (The Outfit)

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Welcome to part two of my Get Ready With Me, in today’s post I’m going to talk about my outfit that I wore to the wedding. You can read about the makeup in my last post.
There were a few dresses in the running as I had done a little boohoo shop, although I initially thought I was going to settle on the beautiful bell sleeved dress from Primark which featured in this post

Bardot dress

it was during an impromptu trip to New Look that I came across this Bardot style dress, it’s In a nice and light cotton material (aka comfy as heck) and had cute embroidered flowers in pinks and yellows. I don’t own a dress like it and I was a big fan of the A-Line cut to it. It was also 20% off (it’s now £7 in the sale) so it felt like fate. Another reason I was so happy with this choice was that I feel like it isn’t just for fancy occasions it could easily be worn casually.

I paired it with a cotton blazer that I have had at least 6 years from International (Internacionale) don’t think the shop is even open anymore – again it’s comfy and helps dress up an outfit, I really love the turned up sleeves with the grey detailing. Here is something similar

New Look Fashion

A little fact about me is that I don’t wear heels or any shoe with any sort of height, despite being only 4’11 my days of my feet being in agony are behind me, I’d rather wear flat shoes and be able to enjoy my night rather than wishing it was time to take the shoes off, also as I knew the wedding was going to be on a farm I thought these boots would be a better choice. These are another item I’ve had for a long time so I don’t have a link for you but here is something similar they have a little cut out detailing which makes them a little bit different to the other brown boots that I own.

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 I paired the outfit with my Floozie bag, I felt the pastels complimented the grey dress. Although a cross body I always find super convenient I think the hand bag adds some girly charm to the finished look. (Similar) and (Similar)

As for jewellery, I wore a very cute blush pink choker (stolen from my sister’s large choker collection) to match the handbag and I paired it with a Topshop moon and star necklace which I love! So delicate and pretty.

New Look Fashion

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