Garnier – Ultimate Blends





I have always had hair envy, don’t get me wrong my hair is in great condition but ever since I was a teen I was just never super happy with it. One main issue was the softness my hair would never look so soft and tangle free. I have used many shampoos and I know which ones work best with my hair but this product here is my new must have hair product. The Garnier Ultimate Blends the marvellous glow oil. I run this through my hair before styling and leaves my hair super soft and weightless. I can’t not use it.
This oil can be used in different ways including before washing, before styling (it help protects against heat) and in between washes.
So if you have trouble getting your hair super soft and luxurious I suggest giving this a try. I can honestly say I have never been so happy with my hair.

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