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Garnier | Ultimate Blends

Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo

You may have noticed the last time you went shopping for a shampoo that Garnier have been releasing a range of shampoos for the Ultimate Blends collection. I’m slowly but surely giving them all a try as I love testing different shampoos…


I have a real winner with Delicate oat formula, a creamy consistency, that helps soothe irritated scalps and leaves your hair incredibly soft, I’ve personally never had a shampoo that leaves my hair quite so fresh and soft as this! With ingredients including Oat Milk which is full of vitamins and minerals that your hair needs, it helps with soften dry hair and make it shiny! The scent is subtle and calming. I also find that my hair stays cleaner for longer when I’ve used this shampoo.  I’m now onto my fourth bottle of it, I’m that big a fan.  I have quite oily hair and find that my hair gets greasy rather quickly

Perfect for those with – Dry hair and irritated scalp

Garnier Ultimate Blends delicate oats shampoo

Garnier Ultimate Blends - Silky smoother

Then we have the exotic vanilla milk and papaya which is aimed at people with mid to long hair with split ends, this was another shampoo I found made my hair really soft which is helped by the vanilla milk! Upon research I’ve read that papaya is great at reducing hair thinning which I’m all about, my hair is pretty thick anyway but it’s always a welcome bonus!

Perfect for those with split ends

Both shampoos make my hair feel like it’s properly washed and healthy and I’m really loving the routine of using these in alternative!

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