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A Fun Red Toned Eyeshadow Palette| Makeup Revolution

I’m back today with another palette review this time coming from high street favourite Makeup Revolution. Makeup Revolution has been featured on PennyxxLane since I started blogging as I have always been a fan of their eyeshadow palettes in particular because of the quality vs affordability factor.
Life On The Dance Floor is a 24 shadow palette featuring a number of red-toned shades. Despite the fun name that would lead you to believe that this could a palette for a glam night out. To me it screams more autumn with the pumpkin inspired shades and the many neutral mattes. The peachy pinks would also work well for spring and summer, in fact, my favourite shade is a bright orange with a slight shimmer to it. (shown below).

Makeup Revolution Life On The Dance Floor

Makeup Revolution Life On The Dance Floor Shadow Palette

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The shadows are pigmentated but a little chalky, I do prefer a creamier consistency like that of the glitter shades. Although I have been enjoying using this palette I am a little confused by the name… Life On The Dance Floor screams night out and glam and I just think this palette lacks the glam that I would assume from the name. At the end of the day it isn’t that big of a deal and doesn’t stop me from using it but I do find it a little bit confusing.  Or am I just really old and have lost touch with the style of makeup that is worn when dancing on the dance floor?

So other than the orange, peach and red tones there is also a number of darker colours including browns, and a couple of burgundy shades. The colour palette on a whole goes really well together although a few more glitters wouldn’t have gone amiss.
I do want to add that the colours in the pan are a lot more vibrant than they appear in on the revolution website.

Affordable Makeup - Makeup Revolution

Now, I need to stop buying palettes – I do not need anymore but hey at least my eyes are gonna look good when Autumn rolls back around.

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