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How To Wear The Full Spectrum Palette


When it comes to eyeshadow I’m seriously boring – most days I go for a nude eye or with a swipe of bronze – pretty but not very exciting. My little sis had been banging on about Urban Decays Full Spectrum Palette – It’s a very colourful one with (21) shades… I wasn’t sure she could use it without leaving herself looking like a clown… (No offence to clowns), but she proved me wrong and continued to surprise me with incredible makeup looks all from the Vice palette! The shades are a really lovely quality, a lovely pigmentated formula which is so easy to work with, they blend so well and despite looking quite out there, they are easy to wear. The colours are really beautiful. Although it will be the perfect palette to use for fun fancy dress nights, my little sister has opened my eyes to the world of colourful eyeshadows and just how well they can work.

Today we’re going to show you four looks that anyone can do all being super wearable!


The first look coming from my sister is the lovely yellow sunrise which my sis pulls off so flipping well…Using the yellow shade Calavera’ all over the lid and very lightly using the orange shade ‘Jones’ to create a darker transition to make a slight ombre effect to really give it that beautiful sunset look! The liner I think really gives it some definition almost giving it a sort of border (does that make sense? probably not). I’ve yet to do this look myself – hoping it looks as good on me as it does on her!

The second look from my sister is the red stripe. The purple shade ‘Sketch’ she put on in the inner and outer corners of her eyes and shading to the top of the lid. The red shade is ‘warning’ she brings right down the middle, Warning is a little more rough around the edges… Bold but beautiful!


When it comes to eyeshadow my skills are less than zero and my imagination is not much better but I just wanted any excuse to use the colours. The shade ‘Hundred’ is a gorgeous khaki colour, the colour is super pigmentated and applies so beautifully, I applied it all over the lid on its own because it really didn’t need anything else! I teamed it with the UD Razor Sharp eyeliner in the shade ‘push’ a navy blue which I think compliments the green so well! I need to do a proper review of the Razor Sharpe liner because I have thoughts…

My second look I used the midnight blue shade ‘Minx’ – a nice alternative to black – I then used the fuschia pink ‘Gossip’ in the crease and blended it along the edge of ‘Minx’ to throw in a pop of colour and to make it less full on. Again I feel like the colours work really well together. I actually went eyeliner-less for this look, it’s been a long minute since I last wore such a dark colour over my full eye that I really didn’t feel any liner was needed. I went heavy with mascara with this look using Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary lashes to make them look full of life.

I’m gonna rope my lil sister into doing a part two of this post because I really want to share more of the amazing looks she has created with this palette!

Hope you enjoyed

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