Fondant | Barry M

BarryM Fondant

I’m really reconnecting with Barry M, I’m discovering more shades that I don’t have in my stash and it makes me so happy.
Getting a little ahead of myself with this pretty pastel pink, Fondant(£3.99) is very pretty on the eye and will the perfect spring colour… told you i’m getting a little ahead of myself….
Being a little bit more fun than an ordinary milky pink shade, fondant is more vibrant.
I would definitely have patient when applying but I find lots of pastel colours difficult to work with as they can become streaky quite easily…. I would definitely recommend using a top coat too.

I’m very into pinks and lilac nails, I think I’m having serious spring and summer withdrawals but all in good time… all in good time.

what are your favourite BarryM nail varnishes of the moment?

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