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Five Favourite Luxury Lipsticks

5 Luxury Lipsticks

You know it’s always a good blog day when we’re writing about Lipsticks and today we’re talking about luxury lipsticks and 5 Favourites amongst my collection. I’m not a snob when it comes to makeup I love a good Bourjois lipstick or NYX Lip Cream but I do love a luxe lipstick, not only can the formula be much better but the packaging is often so beautiful and I feel sense of pride and satisfaction – plus after spending a small fortune on something that you put on your lips for your own vanity it’s always great when you really love it. These 5 are my favourites and thankfully they’re not 5 shades of the same colour.

NARS Audacious Anna Lipstick

First up on the luxe list is Anna from Nars’ Audacious lipstick range, these lipsticks were released a couple of years ago when matte lips were beginning to dominate the beauty world. Anna is a muted pink that has a very creamy consistency despite its matte finish, I find this is a colour that can take you from day to night. (£26)

Bobbi Browns very aptly named Red lipstick, no sugar coating, saying it how it is, I like it. Bobbi’s Red is a very traditional colour, it’s a classic and a shade that I think everyone needs in their collection. This is a semi-matte which has a very beautiful finish. I don’t wear reds all too often but this lipstick is a gorgeous option. (£23)Bobbi Brown Luxury Lipsticks YSL 01

Being very honest matte lipsticks are my favourite, the finish is just what I like so when I am obsessed with a lip colour that isn’t matte it tends to be very special. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in the shade 01 has a semi glossy finish, this is my go-to shade whenever I’m in a rush, not sure what colour to wear or if I’m wanting something low key and won’t be rough on the lips. It’s probably my favourite and most frequented lipstick in my entire collection. I have lipstick holders on my shelf’s to store my collection but this little beauty is never on it as it’s always in my bag or in a jacket pocket. It’s girly but wearable for every occasion. (£27)

Whenever i’m Asked what my favourite lipstick is I always says Very Victoria its been my favourite since the day I first bought it quite a few years ago now. I was bought in by the beautiful packaging and being a matte lip junkie I was eager to try the matte revolution range. Very Victoria is a shade that I was obsessed with (I still am to some degree) you know the kind MACs whirl and velvet teddy the 90s lip that I’ve been wearing since i was around 15 which is over 10 years ago now (but lets not dwell on that too much). The matte revolution range stands out from many other matte lipsticks as it has very creamy and not at all drying consistency. Of course, the finish isn’t the same as say a matte liquid lip but matte all the same. For a long time I felt like Very Victoria was my little secret as it was a shade from the range I didn’t hear many people talk about but as of recently it’s been getting the acknowledgement that it deserves. I have a real soft spot for this one. (£24)

Very Victoria Charlotte Tilbury
Chanel Louise Lipstick
Okay, so anyone that knows me well knows that I have a bit of an obsession with Chanel, the brand is peak luxury for me, the entire brand not just their beauty range. When the Hydrating Creme Lip Colour range was announced all named after Gabrielle’s closest friends I trolled the list excitedly hoping but not holding much hope at all that my name would be on it! Of course I was thrilled to see that Louise was on it (not really all that surprising when its a french name). The colour could have been bright yellow with black glitters running through it and I would have still bought it. Thankfully it was a nude shade, almost gold. It’s beautiful and understated and I still get a jolt of excitement when I wear it. Perhaps only someone who is a beauty lover and Chanel obsessed will understand my excitement. The colour is super hydrating and perfect for a no-makeup makeup look with a bit of shine to the lips that give such a healthy glow to them.  Of course I’m very bias when it comes to the shade Louise but the rest of range is also beautiful. If you’re not into mattes and you’re looking for a beautiful and luxury lipstick I would recommend checking the range out.

Luxury Lipsticks

What do you think of you top five?

What are your favourite luxury Lipsticks?


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