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feeling pinky and a mac dupe!


So I felt like picking up a new MAC lipstick and had the very exciting pleasure of choosing which shade to pick up next. I wanted something I could wear everyday so I was steering clear of any loud reds or dark plums… I ultimately decided on Pink Plaid (£15.50)… a colour that I’ve heard very little about… I like wearing Pink though so I was excited and it was in matte too. The formula is great and not drying, making it easy to wear day to day and perfect for not having to do any touch ups.
I am super happy with my new addition to my mac lipstick collection.

A few days later out I was browsing topshop beauty stand when I spotted Innocent(£8) lipstick and of course bought it… Then when I got home I realised that Pink Plaid and Innocent were super similar… so well done Louise!

There is a slight difference though… Pink Plaid is slightly darker and more matte whereas Innocent is a little lighter with a slight shimmer to it too.
I mean if I had Pink Plaid in my hand whilst I was in topshop I probably would have put innocent back as they are that similar… although I might not have been able to resist the rose gold packaging from topshop. But lets assume I’m a reasonable and logical, money saving 24 year old and  would have put it back. Vice versa with Mac.

So if you’re looking to save a little money or you want an alternative so you don’t use your mac up quickly Innocent is there.

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