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My Favourite Things | September 2016

As September is coming to an end I thought I’d do a little old style post telling you things I have been loving this month. There is a mixture of things so enjoy!

Can we begin with music?

I discovered Ward Thomas on Apple Music this month, they’re twins from England, they play modern country music..The kinda country that I really enjoy. And I just fell in love with their new album Cartwheels, track by track.
I find the lyrics to the songs are quite mature but with youthful music. I am so obsessed with Almost Easy, a song about how breaking up would be a lot easier if you were just losing the person and not the future, the family, and friends that went along with the relationship. ward thomas lyrics

I finally picked up a new pair of Vans and they have not left my feet since. They have a really cool script that runs between both shoes. ‘Run away with me’. I get so many compliments on them and not to mention they are so incredibly comfy and now a little dirty.

I remember years ago when Cold Feet was on the television, I never ever watched it but I remember seeing the adverts and when the final episode aired. When it was announced it had been reprised I had no intention of watching, however, one Monday evening it was on and I found myself really enjoying it. You don’t need to have seen the original series (although I think I might have to give it a watch) to follow the story. It’s basically about a group of friends who are now middle aged with teenage children and there are a few things going on. I really enjoy the dynamic and friendships within the group, I find myself laughing out loud and also tearing up.
It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a programme weekly but I really enjoy looking forward to it every week. It’s on STV (ITV) every Monday at 9pm if you would like to watch!


Vans slip ons

I don’t have much in the way of beauty products that I wanted to share however but my favourite lip combination that I’ve been loving is using MAC’s whirl lipliner and Charlotte Tilbury’s Very Victoria matte revolution lipstick on top. Just creates a beautiful neat lip and now that it’s autumn I’m gonna be all about this dark lip.

mac and charlotte Tilbury

Another beauty item I have been loving this month is L’oreal Detox Face Mask! You can read my review of it here. I just find it leaves my skin feeling and looking so fresh! I’m going to be reaching  for it a lot during the darker and colder months to give my skin a little bit of TLC.

L'oreal face mask

Lastly, I’ve really loved using the L.A.B2 brow brush, I’m such a no-nonsense person when it comes to doing my brows, I’ve discovered all I need is this little tool. It picks up product and applies to my brows perfectly that it has become such a quick and easy task.

brow brush

makeup favourites

Last not but not least was cupcakes from Crumbs and Doilies. It saddens me that I can only go when I visit London. The cakes were delicious without being sickly.
I had the triple chocolate and I’m mourning the loss of it.

crumbs and doillies



    • Louise

      I have 2 more from L’oreal which I need to try, I really like Lush’s Don’t Look at me Face mask. I’d also recommend dirty works range of face masks 🙂

      Thanks for reading
      Louise xo

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