Empties #1

I’ve been gathering up some empty products so I can review and tell you how I got on, hope you enjoy.


Processed with MoldivRevlon – Lip Butter

I really love the lip butters and as you can see I’ve used this one to very last bit.
I can’r remember for the life of me what this shade is called it may be strawberry cheesecake I could be wrong.
These are so easy to wear to just throw on for every day and keeps the lips so soft and moisturized. It’s not the first lip butter i’ve used up and it more than likely won’t be the last.

Miss Dior Cherie
This is a bit of a sad empty, this is probably my second favourite perfume and this bottle I received for my 21st birthday almost 3 years ago. I’ve done well to keep it so long and this past year I’ve really been using it sparingly. It’s such a beautiful light sent. I will have to pick up another bottle very soon.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I have really loved this remover, it’s so sensitive to the skin and my favourite  part is that it’s not greasy like some make-up removers can be. I will definitely be re-purchasing this as it’s become a must in my make-up.

IMG_9126YSL Babydoll Mascara
This mascara is my favourite! It’s the most i’ve ever spent on a Mascara retailing at  £24.50 but it’s really worth every penny!
It’s soo good and gives  beautiful fluttery lashes! I can’t recommend this mascara  enough and i’m really sad that it’s all finished. My boyfriend also got to experience his first YSL trip haha.

IMG_9121Dirty Works  – Detox Mask
I  have raved about this mask in a previous post here.
I really love this mask, it really gives your skin a treat. I will definitely be repurchasing.

IMG_9127Winter in Venice  -Vintage Cotton Bath Soak
This bath soak I purchased with a gift set  out of costco but the scent is so lovely, I really prefer light scents nothing to overpowering and this one is just so soft and lovely. I’m not quite sure where else you can buy the  products but I really enjoyed it.

Processed with MoldivDirty Works – Buttery Salt Scrub
Salt scrubs are something I really like, the  wee salt bits feel really nice on the skin and I always feel that they are doing something. But what I love about this is the smell, Dirty works bath products have the best  smell and the best part is it lingers on the skin. I get  so annoyed when i use bath products that smell amazing and then once your out the bath the scent disappears dirty works last.
I definitely need a trip dirty works trip soon.

So there we have it! I’ve been quite lucky that  I have enjoyed most of the products.
Hope you enjoyed


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