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DIY Plan with Me (March Update)

I’m back with a lil DIY Planner spread showing you how I have laid out March!
If you saw my original DIY Planner post you would see that my spreads have a lot of detail and I completely transform the page… This month I went for something a little more simple… I don’t always have the time to be super detailed and that’s okay… I also changed the set up a little.
Although it’s a lot less decorated that I’ve done it in the past it means it’s less time-consuming.
P.s sorry that this is super rambly!

 27 February – 5 March


The first week, I left the page blank instead of covering it in coloured paper, I used some thin washi tape to create a border. I made a little to do list and stuck a post it from the Zoella Organiser for any extra notes I want to write down. I also added a note where I can write down what posts are due to published that week.
I used my HP Sprocket to print off some inspiration quotes to stick in! I’m totally obsessed with the sprocket it’s so handy and quick.I also have finally got round to using my collection of stickers from Dear Lizzy!  One the other page I have written up a very simple Weekly Overview, using one strip of washi tape to divide the days a little bit. The ‘Just Say Yes’ thicker (thick sticker for those not in the know lol) came with a Zoella makeup bag I was given for Christmas! You’re meant to use the stickers to decorate the bag but I had different plans for them! They’re really great quality.  The camera sticker came from DorkFaceShop on Etsy… cute huh.

Very simple but just what I was needing for the week. I always draw up my week to accommodate what’s going on e.g. Friday are a no go! I’m working all day so have not much time for much else so I don’t waste too much space there.

6th -12th March


I went for a bit of a green theme with this week, using glitter washi tape to create a border. I changed the layout of the first page just to make things a little different. I created a weekly goals section using the to-do list from a the Zoella organiser and cut it to fit my needs. I then made a to-do list for more little things – I’ve not yet added bullet points, I’ll add them as I go and need. For my posts published this week box I used 3 strips of post-it notes (I post 3 times a week) and then used thin washi tape to give it a border. Seeing as I was going for a green theme I printed off this cute Cactus Print, *sooo* cute. The Dream Big sticker is from a Dear Lizzy card set which I can’t find online anymore (sorry)The purple is just from these Paper SquaresMy weekly overview is very simple with just some thin washi tape to divide it a bit more. Plain and simple.

13th- 19th March


This page is real simple, girly and pink!  I glued the Big Plans list from the Zoella Organiser. A while ago I picked up a stationery set from Primark(similar) which came with cute post it notes including ones with gold xoxo writing… I used that to use up some space and one of the other post-its to use as some notes space. I have a little heart punch which I used to make some wee hearts to add some more decoration.  I wanted some copper hearts so I stuck the copper washi tape to some paper and then used the heart punch, I also used the same method to make bullet points using a hole punch which I used on the pink square. Once again the weekly overview is very simple with just copper tape.

20th – 26th March


A pinky purple theme is going on for the 2nd last week of March.  I have this amazing Elephant love heart washi tape from Paperchase which I’ve been so excited to use. Again I didn’t add any bullet points to my ‘To List’ as I don’t know how much space I’ll need etc.. I used a strip of paper and glitter tape to stick it down! for my ‘Posts Published This Week’ section I punched love heart holes around the border and then layered it with a lilac paper underneath, I hole punched some paper to make 3 bullet points.
The amazingly cute hot air balloon is from the Dear Lizzy card set. The Notes section is for anything I need to note down (great explanation Louise).I punched some love heart holes and then place silver washi tape underneath! A simple weekly overview with arrow design washi tape which I can not remember where I got it.

27th March – 2nd April


The Final week I used a combination of green glittery and blue & gold tape and used scraps of paper to make ‘To Do Lists’ a ‘notes’ section and a cute little ‘other things’ bit. And since it will be April I added an umbrella for all those April Showers…

On the weekly overview, I printed off a leaf photo from my sprocket just to fill up some extra space. I like this week spread, it’s simple and I like the combination of pink and green.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I filled in this month’s DIY Planner, I’ve linked everything I could. Below I’ve linked a couple of posts that you may find useful.

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