Dirty Works Haul

Dirty Works Haul

It’s been quite some time since I’ve spoken about Dirty Works, a complete dark horse of the bath and body genre… Only being stocked at Sainsbury’s you may not have heard of them before, but I really recommend taking a look, very similar to Soap and Glory but a little bit cheaper.
I really love their range of facemasks sooo good, check them out!

Dirty Works Products

The Big Chillout Bath Soak(£2.50) for the perfect relaxing bath is filled with chamomile and extracts of lavender, it’s muscling relaxing too so perfect for those busy days when you need not only your mind but your body to just switch off and relax.

Shea You Care Body Butter(£4.00) with the same scent as the bath soak the body butter that is quite a thick consistency is perfect for moisturising just after coming out the bath, it has cocoa butter which we all know is great for moisturising the skin and macadamia oil which is also great for skin types that aren’t great at retaining moisture, macadamia oil is also non-greasy which all body butter should be…

I also have the body butter light(£4.00) which is the body butter to use when you’re in more of a hurry and you want it to try quicker, so it’s very similar to the other body butter but perhaps a little bit more convenient.

This collection I’m showing you all have the same scent, which is so unusual I can’t pinpoint what it is… I’m terrible at describing scents anyways but this time I’m really clueless.  Moving on to the Buff Your Stuff body scrub(£3), so this stuff is filled with pumice stones which are those tiny little beads that help exfoliate your skin to help get rid of the dead skin… it’s real nice stuff but the scrub also has shea butter oil to help moisturises after being exfoliated.

I think my favourite product of this whole haul is the coconut cream lip balm(0.50p)… it feels so nice on my lips and I’m not entirely sure how much coconut is in this product, if it’s just a scent or if there are any benefits for your lips, but they are so moisturising.

Dirty Works Skincare

Lastly is the you soft touch hand cream(£2.50), much as the same as the body butters this is filled with shea butter and also allantoin which moisturizes and protects your skin which is quite handy (that pun totally wasn’t meant) as your skin goes through a lot in a day so apparently allantoin helps protect against all those harsh things. I really like this and can we talk about how amazing the packaging is.

I also want to point out that none of the products was tested on animals, however, I’m not 100% on the lip balm as it’s not stated.


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