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Dirty Works Face Masks

Dirty works are a brand that I came across after one of my best friends gave me three of their mini body washes as a gift, The smell of their body washes are amazing (but let’s leave them for another post), I  was instantly hooked and quickly googled the brand to see where I could get more of their products. I discovered that they are exclusive to Sainsburys (which is a bit annoying as I rarely shop there) but I went along and picked up a few more of their products including 2 of their face masks.
The Detox Mask

I tried their detox mask first, it’s a brown paste and you keep it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off, and when you do you see results immediately starting off with how soft your skin becomes. The next  day I found my face to look much more refreshed, looking clearer and smoother and my completion much more even. My mum even commented saying that my faced looked “glowing”. I began using this mask once a week and  when I don’t use it as much I see such a difference from when I do. It’s definitely great to use if your skin is looking a little glum and needing a pick me up.

The Moisture Mask

Because I loved the detox mask so much I was a little slow in  trying the Moisture mask, however I noticed at the end of 2013 that my skin was a little dry particularly around my nose area which made applying foundation a nightmare. I thought it may have had something to do with the time of year but the season changed and I was still finding my skin to be crumbly and dry. Then I came across my moisture mask and decided to give it go. This is a 5 minute face mask which also leaves your skin feeling super soft after you have rinsed it off. The morning after I first used it my skin and in particular the area round my nose where I was having most problems with appeared to be a lot smoother and less red, but I seen real results when I applied my foundation and found my skin not to crumble. The mask doesn’t eliminate the problem completely but it does temporarily which I’m more than happy with. So I think this mask will be a must during the winter months.

Dirty works is a brand I’m really excited about and I highly recommend you go check them out whether it is their face masks or their delicious smelling body and bath products.

Find out more at the The Dirty Works website here



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