Dirty Dancing at the Edinburgh Playhouse




I know i’m not the only girl who proclaims their love for the movie dirty dancing, it is one of my all time favourite movies.. perhaps joint first with the burbs.

So of course I was super thrilled that the stage adaption was coming back to the Edinburgh Playhouse. I first went to see it 2 years ago ( I think it was 2 years ago, time seems to escape now) and it was just as much as fun as then.

I love that they keep the original music in it as well as adding different songs, I was desperatly combing back through my mind trying to remember what bits were the same as the last time and if my memory serves me correctly i’m pretty sure there was a few bits different, a few extra added scenes, some of which I felt weren’t needed and others that were welcome additions… little back stories that the movie never went into.

Most of the cast were fantastic, amazing dancers… From where I sat it could have been Jennifer Grey playing baby the hair was spot on (as well as the nose) is that strange to say? Perhaps only dirty dancing fanatics will understand what I mean by that… Jake Housemen (baby’s dad) I thought was really well played, along with Penny the actress was an amazing dancer…Robbie Gould was alright and I was rather disappointed with Mr Kellermen and the lack of Mrs Schumacher, they only had Mr Schumacher and they made him all kinds of silly which again I was a little disappointed with. I felt Neil Kellerman was a lot different than in the movie but I think I preferred his more goofball ways on the stage… he was endearing and more likable. Despite his small part I felt Billy (johnnys cousin) was played fantastically, I don’t know what it was about him but he worked really well.
Lastly on to Johnny… to be honest I feel bad who ever has to play Johnny when I go and see the play on stage because I hold Patrick Swayze on such a high pedestal that i’m never going to be fully content which the person playing his part. However I did like the actor, I felt his mannerisms were the same as Johnny’s in the movie, I just felt like the face wasn’t completely right (I think my mum thinks i’m crazy when I say that, shes like duh louise it’s a different person) I don’t know but like I said Its my issue and forever lasting love for swayze.

It was a real fun night and despite it being a more quiter Tuesday night performance it didn’t stop the atmosphere from picking up when johnny returns to do the final dance (like he always does) with Baby.


if you’re a fan of the movie I would definitely recommend going to see it, it’s a fun night.

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