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Dipping My Toes Into Primark PS Pro

PS Pro Beauty Range

I’m a big fan of Primark their clothes, their homeware I love! Their ever growing beauty range Ps Pro I had yet to try. I picked up a few products to test for you today to see how the bargain beauty brand stands.
Starting with the Longwear Mineralized Foundation (I do fear I misjudged my colour so if I look a bit off that’s probably why)  has SPF 15 which is very impressive, without sounding like a complete makeup snob I didn’t have great hopes for the quality of the £5 foundation, however, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it applied, it supplied a light to medium coverage. Having dry skin it’s very easy to see when a foundation isn’t going to work for me but it applied very well to my skin, the only place I had trouble was my nose… I should point out that I have this trouble with most foundations, so I wouldn’t completely put the blame on this particular product. My skin looked natural and glowy. Another plus is that it lasted really well throughout the day. I think this could be my weekend foundation, for the days when I’m pottering about but still want some coverage, although I do need to get my right shade. Points for having a pump too, the packaging is very nice and not cheap looking.

Ps Pro Foundation

Next Up is Fine Liner Pen, which has a really great long nib which I find makes it easier to use when creating a long line which isn’t too short and stubby. It’s not the blackest or the most opaque colour which isn’t great but when applying I found that it didn’t feel wet so you didn’t have that fear of it having that immediate transfer if you blinked too soon.HOWEVER, after about 10 minutes my eyes felt really tacky and sticky and I noticed the liner fading and I had to redo the flicks within half an hour but my younger sister didn’t have this problem at all- she raved about it and wore really well for her. For £1.50 I wasn’t expecting miracles. Hopefully, you have the same results as my sister.

Primark Beauty

 Finally, I tried the Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick in the shade Pink in Excess which is a more nude brown than a pink, as you can see from the photo it is quite intense but the formula is very opaque and very matte! The colour was really good at staying on my lips, it didn’t smudge even after eating or drinking. It isn’t the most comfortable product to wear but if I found a colour that I really loved I’d be able to put up with it. It’s a great budget liquid lip option.

On a whole, the value for money isn’t terrible but I think the product that surprised me the most was the foundation. Keep your eyes peeled I think there will have to be a part two!

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  • Tissam Est La

    I really really like Primark’s beauty products ! I love their liquid matte lipsticks – I’m used to wearing them and really, they’re among the most comfy I’ve got at home (and I’ve got plenty !) ! I’m also head over heels with their Master Palettes that they’ve been releasing lately – you should totally give them a go, they’ve got a Blush, a Highlighter, a Contour and two Eyeshadow palettes in this range and they’re really all amazing ! 😀

    Thanks for your amazing review ! I’d love to get my hands on a foundation that’s actually my color hahaha !
    Tissam x | Tissam Est La

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