Day to Day Staples #1



There are many products I use daily and that I repurchase and repurchase but never talk about because they don’t really fall into the make-up beauty category but I think they need to be mentioned because I can’t go with out them.
Lets start with Garnier mineral invisicalm antiperspirant, I have bought this multiple times and I just love it. I have been using this for over a year and it’s really great, even on those really hot days I didn’t feel all sweaty and horrible. I’ve recently been buying the big tall bottle which isn’t so great for if you like carrying your antiperspirant around with you (which I did) but this is so great that when I spray it at 6am I don’t need to re-spray the whole day and I get home after 6pm! So yeah this stuff is amazing and I would hate to live without it.
This next product isn’t something that is needed so much everyday but it certainly does make my life easier, I love painting my nails but I use to hate removing my varnish, for one I hate the feel of cotton wool, and I would always get way too much remover and it would cover my legs and I would stink, and then I came across the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover, it is so quick and easy so it makes the whole painting my nails way more enjoyable and less of a big task.
On to some TLC on our feetsie, I’m not going to paint a pretty picture here, the bottoms of my feet often get really horrible , I’m not going to give you all the gritty details but yeah they sometimes need some attention so I have been turning to Heel Genius from soap and glory which helps restore my feet to nice little baby soft skin.
Another Soap and glory must have is the smooch operator the lip butter balm that rescues dry lips which coming into autumn and winter is an essential and the cute little tub is perfect for going into your handbag.
Another day to day little tub of magic is this soap and glory mini Righteous Butter, I keep this in my hand bag to keep my hands nice and soft and the smell is amazing, it is just super handy to have in this cute miniature tub. It is meant to be used on damp skin but I use it dry and it works just fine.


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