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Colourful Autumn Days with Joules

It has been a whole year since Joules opened their largest store in Edinburgh and I popped along to celebrate the anniversary with a few amazing cocktails and to see what beautiful things they had in stock which can help create the perfect autumn wardrobe! I snapped what they had in store and I’ll also point out my faves.
What I noticed from wandering around the store was all the bright colours and beautiful patterns which will brighten up the upcoming autumn days.

Joules Fashion
If you follow me on Instagram (PennyxxLane < a nice little self-promo) you’ll have seen this photo already, I am loving the white shirt with the green leafs and pink flowers it would look super cute with the denim skirt that it is conveniently sitting along nicely, I love the light denim wash, and the red jumper would also go amazing with the skirt! love it. I’m not usually a jumper person but this year I am really excited about it.

Speaking of knitwear I am obsessed with this little Dachshund jumper, I love the bright red but colours of the dog gives it a real autumn/winter feel to it.

Joules Knitwear #jouleslovesedinburghjoules shirts Lucie Cream Spot Classic
Joules Wellies Joules Wellies
Joules do the loveliest wellies, from beautiful patterns to more traditional styles – my eyes were drawn to the pale blue with pink flowers and green leaves. Living life outdoors is what Joules is all about so you know they’re going to be great quality too.

Speaking of outdoors – Joules is my favourite place to go for jackets that are both functional and fashionable – I’m ready to bring out last years jacket! They keep you warm and dry.
I really love this very traditional yellow although I’m not quite sure I’m brave enough to wear such a bright colour! There are many variations. If you go for a neutral colour like the blue this jacket could last you years no matter the whats the latest trend.

Joules Waterproof Parka Joules Waterproof jacket Joules Parka Waterproof JacketJoules Shirts

More beautiful lightweight shirts perfect to be worn underneath knitwear – the vertical stripes with the purple botanical print is beautiful and again has pop of colours that are perfect for Autumn. Due to the lightweight of the fabric, it could be easily worn in spring and summer too.

Swan Jumper 
Knitwear at Joules Joules Blazers  Gerrie Blazer Joules

I completely fell in love with this grey blazer with it’s beautiful printed lining, my other favourite detail of this blazer it’s the flecks of colour embroidered.

Joules collection of Chelsea boots are amongst my favourites, I’m dying to get a pair but I always struggle to choose which I like the design I like best. Chelsea boots are another one of those items that never go out of style. Now to decide on the leopard print or the copper print…. or the black spots, decisions decisions.

Joules Chelsea Boots Joules Dresses

The grey floral dress is a beautiful piece that can take you through summer right into autumn, the material isn’t too thin but not so thick that you’re restricted to wearing it during the colder seasons. Again I love the combination of colours and the hand-drawn design is stunning. Did I mention it has pockets? need I say more?

The hand-drawn print scarves are one of my favourite things about joules… such a variety of prints that are so unique and beautiful. Not to mention incredibly soft and luxurious feeling.
It’s definitely okay buy more than one, my current favourites are fox print and the French navy print.
the Wesley scarfs are the perfect lightweight scarf and accessory for Autumn.

Joules Scarfs Joules Fox Scarf

I hope you enjoyed my fashion picks
I’d love to know your favourites.


p.s look out for a style post featuring joules coming soon.

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