Cliona Two Tone Smock Dress Check & Scalloped Bag



For my birthday in October  my parents gifted me with this gorgeous two toned smock dress from Missguided along with the the scalloped bag from ASOS.

The smock dress was a little big on me so I decided to belt it so it would fit me better but it looks adorable as a smock dress.
I love how the colour of the dress changes so subtly, I think it’s super cool.  The dress cost £24.99 and the material is amazing, it’s thick and a little heavy that proves how good quality. It also comes with 2 pockets and as the material is so good  it doesn’t droop if you pop your phone in your pocket (a big pet peeve of mine.)

The scalloped bag, I am in love with, I love scallop style and this bag is just gorgeous I couldn’t believe it was only £25. It’s so cheap but is so unique. It probably is my most favourite bag at the momento! It is a ASOS original. The quality is also very impressive probably one of my favourite items of the year.


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