Cinema, eating out and a bank holiday Monday.


So apart from dying a slow death with a cold, I’ve had a really nice weekend.
Starting with Saturday where I dragged my boyfriend into town so I could pick up a new foundation, it was a lovely warm day in Edinburgh the sun fully shining! Boni decided we should have a bite to eat before heading back home, we chose the Auld Hundred on Rose Street, which is a bar with a teeny tiny restaurant in the attic. It was nice to sit and talk and having nowhere to be.
For the evening I booked us plus my sister tickets to see Captain America… I’ve seen so many superhero movies lately that I’m not actually a fan… however this one wasn’t that great in my opinion… I like the new Spider-man which I didn’t think I would, so i’m excited for that reboot now! I like going to the cinema late so we got out around 11pm… I don’t know why I choose to go so late as i’m usually struggling to stay awake. And since I had a cold my eyes felt even heavier and I kept sneezing during the film too. Awkward’s.


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Sunday I woke up at 6:30am… I mean why? Of course I went straight back to bed… I felt so ill eventually I dragged myself up and had a big old fry up! Before getting ready to go visit my Brother, sister in law and my niece and nephew! My 3 year old nephew practiced some magic tricks out of my sisters black hat! while my 4 year old niece was playing about the with filters on snapchat with my sister. It was a nice relaxed afternoon.
We then went to a restaurant that my parents and my sister like, my favourite thing about eating out is getting to sit and talk with people.

It’s shame that throughout the 2 days I was feeling so under the weather so I taking photographs just wasn’t something I was up to. So apologies.

Bank Holiday Monday and once again I woke up at the crack of dawn! I felt so horrible too, so much pressure on my head and ears! All weekend i’ve so very nearly given in and went to bed. But I didn’t want to waste it or wallow in it. I feel like if I wallow it will make me feel worse than I actually am. But after breakfast I decided I needed my bed. I napped while my Boni watched a movie on netflix and he eventually left. I decided that my Bank Holiday was a write off and I was going to spend the rest of it in bed sleeping. Until I went to get some water and my Dad said how he felt like going to the beach and getting some chips! Seeing the sunshine outside I couldn’t pass it up. So off we went… I felt like death warmed up but I didn’t want to let the weekend pass.


My Dad took us to a beach we use to go to play hide and seek when we were younger… There were people wind surfing… it was windy, rainy with spots of sunshine. And I finally managed to get some photographs!





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