Charmed Enchantment – Revlon Cream Blush


I love blushes and I have found another little beauty from Revlon; Charmed Enchantment is a beautiful, warm pink  colour with a shimmer of glitter which gives the cheeks a lovely rosy tint. I love subtle blushes and I think cream blushes are just that bit more natural looking, this blush blends beautifully and sinks into rather than sit on it.This is a perfect all year long blush, giving the look of a healthy glow during summer and in winter the i’ve just been outside frolicking in the snow. Cream blushes are perfect if like me you do your make-up on the go as you don’t really need any brushes to apply it. The Revlon blushes give a great subtle look and long lasting.

You can pick this cream blush up for £7.99 which is a complete bargain! check it out here.



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