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changing my eyeliner game…

Bobbi Brown Eyeliner - Scottish Blogger

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner

One morning I woke up with the strong desire to buy the Bobbi brown gel eyeliner… I had never thought about it before…. Having tried high street based gel eyeliners and never being that impressed I was never ever interested in trying higher end gel liners.

But off I trotted to Jenners, I decided to go the whole hog and buy the Ultra Fine Eye Liner (£22.50) along with the long wear gel liner (£18)… I think the key to success with gel eyeliner is not only the liner but the tool you use with it.

First time using it I found the gel to be a lot creamier than others I had tried from brands in boots… It was much smoother at applying and didn’t drag.
I like to feel like I have a lot of control when it comes to eyeliner so I wanted a brush that was small and stiff… The Ultra Fine Eyeliner gives me the control to decide what kind of thickness I want and is easy enough to do a wing….

When I bought the zoeva rose golden set a couple of weeks later I was excited to experiment with their liner brushes too. The wing Liner brush is perfect for doing said wing. As I use a brow pencil I decided to use the brow line brush to help smudge.
I find that with these brushes I can make my eyeliner look perfect although it may not be the quickest method. I know that I can get it the way I like and have full control.
The gel liner lasts all day long too.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Review

Scottish Blogger

Whats your take on gel eyeliner?

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